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Oct 30, 2018 at 10:00 am by 3DFineries

Whimsy Faces by ArtTailor



We recently caught up with ArtTailor to ask her more about her, her process, and her art.

ArtTailor began her journey as a Renderosity vendor in 2013 by designing textures for popular clothing models.

In 2017, she leapt from creating textures to releasing her first clothing model, Summer Glam for Dawn. Dawn still lights up summer nights in this hot little number.

She continues to surprise us with new models. ArtTailor’s creativity and fashion sense brings to life outfits like the dramatic off-the-shoulder dress, Belladonna, and a sassy five-piece number called “Oh-la-la.” Check out her latest release, the bewitchingly adorable “Bippity Boppity” outfit.

You’ve been a member for over 10 years, what introduced you to Renderosity?

ArtTailor: We bought Poser at my previous job to make figures for e-learning course and I came across Renderosity while looking for additional content. I discovered how much fun there was to be had with Poser and Daz Studio. You can create some truly great art with these programs.

How long have you been creating art?

ArtTailor: As long as I can remember I’ve loved to draw and work with my hands. I’m happiest when creating art and doing crafts.

What is your artistic background? Are you self-taught or did you go to school? If you went to school, what degrees do you have? Why did you go that route?

ArtTailor: I studied art in college and have a Master’s Degree in Art History. It was what I’ve always wanted to do from an early age. I learned modelling basics from 3D engineers at work, but am self-taught when it comes to rigging, texturing as well as using ZBrush and Marvelous Designer. I’ve learned a lot from tutorials and friendly advice from the many talented artists here at Renderosity.

Is art your full-time career? If so, how did you become a full-time artist? If not, what else do you do?

ArtTailor: I started creating textures and 3d content as a hobby. After seeing that I could make a living selling what I made, I decided to dedicate myself to it full-time. I was quite unhappy in my day job, but it enabled me to save up money to get me started with this.

What do you enjoy most about being a digital artist/modeler?

ArtTailor:  I love the whole process of creating. Taking something from an idea to a finished product is a thrill - every time!

You have some great texture work and now you’re adding dForce models. What do you find most challenging about that? What programs do you use?

ArtTailor:  I love dForce. It’s made it possible for me to create many of the items that wouldn’t have looked good as conforming clothing. I wish dForce was better at handling stiffer materials and the collision layers were easier to get results with. That being said, I still have a lot to learn about dForce so further learning may well be the answer to this! In my creation process, I use traditional pencil and paper, Marvelous Designer, ZBrush, UVLayout, and Photoshop in addition to DazStudio.

Where do you get the inspiration for your design ideas?

ArtTailor: Short answer: From everywhere! Window shopping, games, people watching, fashion magazines, art exhibitions, dance competitions, Pinterest, and nature to name a few.

What is your favorite work of art you created and why?

ArtTailor:  I tend to be very critical of my own work and can always spot something later that I think I could’ve done even better. I'm pleased with the way "Oh la la" turned out. It took a long time to design, but in the end, it really matched the idea I had when I started it. I also enjoyed rigging the hat for the "Bippity Boppity" set; the whole outfit was fun to make.

We all have influences who shape our artistic lives. What or who inspired you to be a digital artist?

ArtTailor: Digital painters and illustrators with different styles like Linda Bergkvist, Henning Ludvigsen, Martha Dahlig and Adam Hughes were a huge inspiration when I first started doing digital art. Seeing so many wonderful products here at Renderosity by vendors such as Fabiana, Sveva, Lilflame, and OutOfTouch (to mention just a few!) made me wish I could create 3d models so I started learning it.

Who’s your biggest influence?

ArtTailor:  All of the above :) I also value a lot the opinion of my daughter who always has strong opinions about what I make.

Is anyone else in your family an artist? How has this helped or hindered you in your pursuit of art?

ArtTailor:  My grandmother was trained as a fashion designer, but had her career cut short by World War II. I think about her often. It’s a great motivation for me as well as a reminder to be grateful for the opportunity I have to do this. My aunt and cousin are also artists and my family is very supportive of art.

At what point did you decide you could do anything you imagined?

ArtTailor:  I’m still at a point where my skills aren’t good enough to do anything I imagine. I have a lot of ideas I’d like to create so I put them into the big "later when better" box!

Do you have a dream project?

ArtTailor: My dream project would be to create something great together with other artists here at Renderosity. If we all joined in our expertise in the creation of hair, clothes, textures, props, characters, poses and environments, just imagine all the 3D worlds we could furnish! So, if anybody wants to do a collaboration, give me a shout :)

What art or artist do you most identify with?

ArtTailor:  Hard to choose, but I like pre-Raphaelites, pop art, art nouveau and expressionism. The works of Roy Lichtenstein, Alfons Mucha, Ernst Kirchner, Edvard Munch, Gustav Klimt, and the sculptures by Gustav Vigeland never cease to inspire me.

What the best piece of advice you’d like to share with the digital art community?

ArtTailor: It can be frustrating because the learning curve can be pretty steep. My advice would be to never give up and use the community here at Renderosity. Hard work, passion, dedication, and input from others will help you achieve your goals.

Is there anything you would like to share with us that we may not know about you?

ArtTailor:  Most of my time is spent working, but in my spare time I enjoy such diverse hobbies as crocheting, snowboarding, cooking, and ballroom dancing.

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