Why Character Pioneer Chris Creek took HiveWire to Reallusion and Character Creator 3

Oct 24, 2018 at 10:00 am by Press Release

Character Creator 3

October 22, 2018 - Reallusion and HiveWire partner to debut HiveWire’s Dusk, Dawn, Luna and Gorilla character bases for Character Creator 3. 

Fully-rigged for full-body and facial animation, Character Creator 3 transforms HiveWire characters for Daz Studio into a new character system that blends the world of 3D content from HiveWire, Renderosity, Reallusion and more into real-time animation-ready characters for 2D renders, 3D animation, VR, AR, and games through the Character Creator and iClone pipeline.  


Four HiveWire characters are featured in Character Creator 3 and additional HiveWire 3D characters may be imported with clothing and accessories. Transforming content will auto-detect the character morph, clothing, accessories and convert the content automatically to a CC3 character and the clothing as cloth layers and assets for editing in Character Creator 3. 

HiveWire characters designed by Chris Creek, the original designer of Michael and Victoria, are now available to morph, blend and dress with Character Creator 3. Chris gives some perspective on HiveWire and Reallusion, along with his backstory. A true artist and dedicated content creator share why he’s bringing HiveWire content to Character Creator 3 and the benefits other content developers can realize with Reallusion.

“Reallusion recognizes the artistry that goes into creating a flexible topology that can morph into a myriad of character designs and that’s exactly what HiveWire 3D characters bring to Character Creator 3. We have known Chris Creek and team from his early days at Daz 3D and we are happy to showcase the rise of content from HiveWire. HiveWire content in Character Creator 3 provides users with elite character bases designed by a team of true 3D content visionaries.” -  John Martin / Reallusion VP Marketing.

How is HiveWire content in iClone format of value to HiveWire, developers, and iCloners?

[Chris Creek] Making our core figures available in Character Creator 3 opens up a new audience to HiveWire; we've made available our Dawn, Dusk, Baby Luna, and Gorilla to our current Poser and DAZ Studio users for several years and now we're able to showcase our figures to a whole new group of professional artists and animators. This is beyond big for us and we so appreciate this opportunity to have iClone users discover the depth of our content offerings.

There are many artists that develop add-on characters, morphs, clothing, poses, hairstyles, and so on for a set of existing figure bases. We encourage, and welcome, these same artists to create for our HiveWire content embedded within the CC3 base mesh. We've worked hard to produce a set of quality figures which should make for a compelling experience for developers to work with. Our figures have idealized but believable proportions, with features that are highly detailed and anatomically sound. Reallusion's transformer tool found within the new CC3 make converting content for the HiveWire shapes a painless experience. We're confident that content creators will enjoy the process of applying their skill sets towards adding even more value to these new figure assets.  

We're excited to see this rich content offering within Reallusion's new stand-alone CC3. Reallusion is making a concerted effort to provide to iClone users our HiveWire alternative blend shapes. Coupled with these newly added shapes is the ability for further enhancements by way of collections, or packs, found within the Content Store. We applaud Reallusion for their vision to make available the newest features for users to realize their own dreams of producing quality, leading-edge animations, and imagery. This can only be done with the best content available, together with the tools put in place to provide the ability to efficiently optimize and take advantage of our high-quality content products. 

Chris Creek Hivewire Co-Founder and 3D Character Modeler

What is my modeling history, and why is that important?
[Chris Creek] As a medical illustrator I've created artwork for college-level textbooks for many years. I enjoy drawing and painting the human body in such a way that students could learn from, and appreciate, the detail and workings of the body. By doing this work for years, I have learned a great deal about human anatomy. It was this focused effort that brought me into the 3D world, as I was hired by a company called Viewpoint Data Labs because of my anatomy background. My task was to create 3D anatomy models, human figures, and body systems for animators. It was while I was at Viewpoint that I modeled the infant that became the Dancing Baby seen on the TV show Ally McBeal.

After Viewpoint, I started the 3D company Zygote Media Group with a few partners, where I continued to create anatomy models, human figures, and other character shapes. While at Zygote I modeled figures for movies, commercials, and video games. I also modeled for Poser 3 and created the first Victoria and Michael.

In 1999, I started DAZ 3D with a business partner and modeled Victoria 2 and 3, and Michael 2 and 3, and many other base figures. We also created DAZ Studio to offer an alternative to Poser.

Today I am a co-founder at HiveWire 3D with Lisa Buckalew. She is famous for running the Platinum Club for 10 years while at DAZ 3D, and also for her beautiful 3D botanical products. At HiveWire, we focus on creating high-quality 3D products, such as human and animal models for both Poser and DAZ Studio. We also broker products from the famed Ken Gilliland and is Songbird ReMix, and Nature's Wonders products, and superior animal texture maps by the talented CWRW.

Hivewire Co-Founders Chris Creek and Lisa Buckalew

It is this 3D experience over these many years where my passion lies. I enjoy creating human figures, and animals, both with a wide variety of morphs and expressions. I love to push points around, push the mesh as far as I can, and create extreme and unique shapes and character morphs.

This effort has brought HiveWire to Reallusion. We are confident that our content, coupled with the beautiful software of Character Creator 3, helps to bring about a balanced offering to animators, artists, and developers alike. 

How is the partnership with Reallusion of value?

[Chris Creek] We've been wanting to work with Reallusion and make our content available in iClone for several years now, but until recently we didn't have all the needed elements for this mutually beneficial relationship.

Then, last summer we were approached by Reallusion to see if ideas could be advanced into realities. Soon after our first meeting, serious discussions took place, and plans were made from both sides to work together for a common goal; that is, to bring our human figures and other shapes into the Character Creator 3 software. This way iCloners can take advantage of this much-needed content enhanced by the amazing set of tools that make up CC3. The aim is to complement each other's strengths, at the same time making it easier for animators to do what they do best.

With the Reallusion team, we at HiveWire now have a software partner that has totally embraced our talents, our abilities, and skill sets. They are ecstatic, as is our team at HiveWire, for the opportunities that lay ahead; to continue to work together and bring even more HiveWire content, including our high-quality animal products, into the CC3 environment.

Why should a user purchase the HiveWire add-on Starter Packs?

[Chris Creek] On the Reallusion Content Store, we have made available our Starter Packs for each HiveWire base figure as "Elite League Collections". Each of these collections offers a wide variety of add-on products in the form of morphs, expressions, and poses; also, with the human figures, we offer added clothing and even morphable hairstyles. Each helps to round out and add enhanced variety to the HiveWire figures.

For example, each human figure has a wealth of added facial expressions and viseme mouth shapes. We've also included some subtle morphs, such as alternative navel shapes and some very extreme full body morphs like our bodybuilder, zombie, and, even some obese shapes. The user will also find a wide variety of facial feature morphs and sizes for the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, brows, teeth, chin, cheeks, jawline, and additional ethnic shapes.

Know more about Character Creator 3 https://www.reallusion.com/character-creator/

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