New Blender Add-On for Unreal Engine

Sep 17, 2018 at 02:16 pm by -gToon

This add-ons allows you to export content created with Blender to Unreal Engine 4.

Working on object packs for Unreal Engine 4 can be complicated with Blender. That's why I created the Add-ons "Blender for UnrealEngine". It simplifies the procedure of the export, allows to export all the Assets of a scene at the same time, distributed them in a proper tree structure in correlation with the UnrealEngine Pipeline.

  • The socket and collision shapes is done directly in Blender.
  • You can choose precisely the different animations that need to be exported.
  • Also, the add-on includes a potential error checker to avoid problems with exporting.
  • And since the last version, it is possible to generate scripts for unreal who will import the assets or generate level sequencer

You can download the addons on GitHub.

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