Unity Hub 1.0 is available

Sep 14, 2018 at 02:52 pm by Press Release

Unity Hub 1.0

As a quick recap, the Unity Hub is a connected desktop app designed to streamline onboarding and production processes for all users. It’s the central place for accessing the Unity ecosystem, and managing your Unity projects, licenses and add-on components.

Here are the key features that ship with Hub 1.0:

  • Unity Editor management
    • Discover & download multiple versions (beta/official releases)
    • Custom installation location
    • Add Editor components post-installation
  • Centralized Unity project creation
    • Project templates
    • Add Asset Store packages
    • Modify project build target
  • Access to Getting Started & Tutorial projects
  • Account & Entitlement management
  • Linux support (beta)

Future of the Hub –  Sunsetting the Launcher & Download Assistant

The next big release of the Unity Hub is already in early development with key features being shaped by community feedback. Hub v.1 will continue to receive new minor feature updates and fixes in parallel with the upcoming beta release this fall. We are also working on an interface redesign that will enable the Hub to evolve and support the key part of your Unity workflows.

To help deliver on those plans and make sure the Hub offers the best experience possible, we plan to sunset (deprecate) the Launcher and Download Assistant by the next major Unity release (2018.3).

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