Artist of the Month for September 2018: moebiustraveller

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Renderosity members have voted moebiustraveller as the September Artist of the Month. This bold artist creates striking images drawn from fantasy and science fiction. He uses a variety of tools to create scenes that are not only eye-catching but have layers to them. There is a world beyond the frame of his pictures.

Be sure to watch the video gallery of 12 of moebiustraveller's gallery works. And if you have the time stop by his gallery which will definitely impress you! 

Interview with Artist of the Month - moebiustraveller

Renderosity: Tell us a little about yourself; what is your background and history as an artist?

moebiustraveller: I just like to start by saying I am hugely pleased to be voted artist of the month by you folks at Renderosity. It was a complete surprise to be nominated. My birthday in September as well! I am truly honoured as I did not consider myself really at this stage, so many thanks :)

Artistic influences right at the start was my grandmother, she showed me how to sketch a dimensional looking cottage scene, the basic lines, and it clicked immediately. I must have been about five years old. After that is was the usual progression through school, always getting decent results with my pictures.

Your work is bold and dynamic, are there artists who have influenced you in choosing this style?

moebiustraveller: My influences were science fiction and fantasy book covers, artists like Chris Achilléos, Peter Ellison and Boris Vallejo. I got to the end of school but did not go to art school, instead making my way by Database application programming (zzzzzzz), letting the art fall by the wayside for many years. I did the odd pencil piece, tried some airbrushing and so on, but the soul was not really in the process anymore.

Then about four years ago I was gaming and the group I belonged to needed artwork for their new website, so I got a few basic art programs and threw out some ideas... and kinda liked doing so :) The 3D side of things came from poser debut then Poser Pro and then DAZ studio and gradually progressed to the stage I am at now. I still have a ways to go, but I'm pleased with the progress in 3D and getting images from them is great fun to do. I would like to paint images more though, having the gear to do so now.

The Ripper Wolf by moebiustraveller

What is your general workflow on a piece?

moebiustraveller: My workflow on a piece is generally to start with the basics and then postwork, postwork and postwork! Watching a lot of tutorials helped me in graduating an image out of "uncanny valley" although I feel I have work to do on this. I tend to layer images masking off the figures and adding in effects.

Do you start with a good idea of how the finished image will look?

moebiustraveller: Ideas come from gazing at the eyelids in bed, often I visualize and discard images thinking up combinations and so on. The reading of science fiction/fantasy helps greatly realizing images "in the mind's eye". Then I get down to work.


 Templar Warrior and the Serpent by moebiustraveller

What are your tools of choice?

moebiustraveller: I started by using Serif DrawPlus 8 which was a bit cumbersome, then moved onto Photoshop (most every tutorial on the web is Photoshop). I also managed to save up for a Cintiq Graphics Tablet the HD 24 a few years ago, but I've just bought the HD 24 Pro, which is really, really nice.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your life as an artist?

moebiustraveller: With regards Renderosity, the encouragement I have received from the other arts has been great, they have all been warm and decent, offering advice when they can, so a big thank you guys and gals :) My shopping list of items I would like is growing as well, but I've just moved house so that will have to wait.

Any words of advice for Renderosity members who might just be starting out?

moebiustraveller: To new artists coming to 3D I would advise checking out other peoples art and always check out tutorials and the forums when you can. Try and get an art tablet ( I know they can be expensive but they are really useful). Some people can render perfection straight up, but I find that difficult. Postworking is my thing, so I try to get better and better at it.

I'd finish by saying many thanks again everyone, I'm aglow and sincerely honoured by this recognition :)

Please visit moebiustraveller's gallery to see more of this talented artist's work.


Lost in Gaia's Eyes by moebiustraveller
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