Chris Kelly on Designing an Award-Winning Brand for Adobe Live

Aug 22, 2018 at 10:00 am by Submitted

Adobe Live is a streaming video series where top creatives share their process. The show features top designers, illustrators and animators and shows how they create their work in real-time. But as Oddfellows creative director Chris Kelly explains, the show had a problem — it didn’t have a brand.

"Other than using the Adobe typeface there wasn’t much consistency between the shows. The brand was kind of nebulous" Kelly said.

Oddfellows were tasked with creating a visual identity for the show. Their first challenge was finding a way to represent all of the different creative professions that would be featured as guests.

In this interview with Milanote - Chris Kelly takes us through the behind the scenes process for developing a brand for Adobe. The final piece of work was a triumph, winning its category in the annual Motion Awards.

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Watch the title sequence below.

Top image: The explorer - from sketch to final design, Manddy Wyckens.

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