Top Free Mandala Making Android Apps

Aug 14, 2018 at 11:00 am by Barbara Din

In one of my Art Candy articles, I showed you some nice digital mandalas being born.

This time, I bring you some good options for you to start playing with digital mandalas in your Android device.

If you never tried digital art before, this is a fun way to start.



I liked this one because it allows to to better control some things, like showing guides on or off, a continuous color gradient while you draw with two colors of your choice, or whether your symmetry slices will be mirrored or not. It comes with an easing line assistant so your lines are smoother, that you can also turn on or off.

One lovely extra feature that Spiro has is the ability to create seamless pattern while you draw. So it's more than just a mandala creator.



This one is straight to the point, but with the full spectrum of basic functions, like Undo, Save and line assistant (so you get smoother lines). It has a limited color palette, though. On the bright side, it doesn't have ads and its free!


Mirrograph 2

This is one of the better ones I found. It has particle brushes that are beautiful and let you achieve some beautiful effects. It also has a randomize color that you can turn on and off, that changes the hue as you draw. Some of its features are:

27 different brushes to choose from.

Customize how many symmetries your drawing will have.

Choose brush color and background color.

Save your designs so you can share them. Saves as a .png file.

Ability to randomize the colors at the touch of a button.

Undo and redo buttons for easy corrections.



This app has a different approach to mandala making. You choose pieces that you manipulate in layers in order to achieve your mandala. At first it feels strange, compared with the ones that you draw with, but it's actually very versatile. If you're even afraid to make strokes, this one is very fun to get you started. It comes with a step by step tutorial that is really helpful and gets you going really fast.


Color Touch Free

This one has a simple and clean UI, which is very good so it doesn't get in the way of creating. You have one simple brush, or one with connected lines, but you can get very attractive effects with it. Plus it has Undo, which not every mandala maker has.


There are a lot more, but these are the ones that I thought will get you going while having fun.

So feel free to explore these all the others until you find the ones that will allow you to approach something artful and fun.

If you want something more complex, there are digital painting apps that have symmetry functions that will allow you to paint mandalas more in-depth.

But that's for another article. Have fun!

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