How to render your model in a full 360 video in Poser

Jun 12, 2018 at 03:31 pm by Ash Michelle

Always wondered how to get nice 360 Render without a 360 option in Poser? In this tutorial, I will be rendering the default scene & figure in Poser. Watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

1. Open up your Main Camera in Poser 

2. Go to your Transform tools Under Your Camera Parameters. We will be animating the y-orbit axis.

3. In this tutorial, I will be animating 75 frames. Enter 1 of 75 frames in the bottom timeline.

4. Select your y-Orbit axis.

5. Set your timeline at frame 1

We will now keyframe the animation.

6. Set your y-Orbit axis to 0 degrees

7. At frame 1 Add a Keyframe

To add a keyframe select the key inside the timeline.

9. Go to the end of your timeline to frame 75

10. Set your y-Orbit axis to 360 degrees

11. At frame 75 Add a Keyframe

Playback animation. A camera 360 view orbit is now around the figure

Time to Render your animation into a Movie!

12. Go to your Animation Menu tab at the top of your screen & Select > Make A Movie
Or Ctrl + J

Movie Settings menu will open.

13. Set your Image file format to MP4

14. Make sure Time Span is set to Start 1 to 75 End

15. Set Increments to ALL FRAMES. Frame Rate is Set to 30

16. Select Make a Movie

17. Name & Save Your Movie


Your Movie Will begin to Render out Each frame & Save in the location selected.

Once finished Rendering you will now be able to view your scene in a 360 view Orbit.

Ashley Buchanan is the community manager of She holds a degree in mass communication and trained in digital animation at Middle Tennessee State University.

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