How to create comics-style art in Poser 11.1

May 29, 2018 at 10:00 am by Press Release

Poser's Comic style render got a big upgrade for Poser 11.1/Poser Pro 11.1, which includes improvements to real-time Comic Book Preview that allows anyone to create comics without drawing skills. 

Heading up this feature is a function called Geometric Outlines. It uses a geometry trick to create outlines in your scene that look like hand-drawn inking. This feature is based on a technique used by Brian Haberlin in his Anomaly and Faster than Light graphic novels.

The Geometric Outlines give you a clean, solid line around all the objects in your scene. The thickness of the line can be controlled not only scene wide but at a per-material level as well. You can even use key-framing to control the line thickness in an animation. 

All the comic style render options, including geometric lines, work with the OpenGL preview render in Poser. That means you get real time results and OpenGL renders only take seconds. All the Comic Book Preview options are grouped in a new palette, which gives easy access to all the Comic Book Mode controls. Since these controls are OpenGL driven, you get real time feedback when setting them, making it easier to get the exact look you want for your Comic Style renders. 

These features combined with Poser's easy interface and vast content library, allows anyone with a vision to create their own comic world. 


If you'd like to learn more about Poser, visit Renderosity's Tutorials section.

Top Image: Hulk by tanarel, created in Poser

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