Street Art Trends: 5 must-watch videos about finger painting

May 24, 2018 at 02:00 pm by Barbara Din

Street Art Trends: Finger Painting

According to Wikipedia, "A street artist is a person who makes art in public places. Street artists include portrait artists, caricaturists, graffiti artists, muralists and people making crafts. Street artists can also refer to street performers such as musicians, acrobats, jugglers, living statues, and street theater performers."

Street art is all around the world. From Paris to Buenos Aires, you'll find not just amazing graffiti art on walls and pavements, but all kinds of other arts in the streets, in the markets, in tourist spots where artists can show and hopefully sell their art to people (they need to pay the bills, too).

Many have their art on display, like everywhere else, but there are some that make their actual works right there, for everyone to see. This makes for a very enjoyable experience, so nowadays their performances get recorded a lot. It allows us to take a peek at streets we've never been before and see what's going on.

Once you start watching, you realize there are trends, too. So in this series, I'll show you some of those trends and some good examples of each one.

This one is all about fingers and hands. They don't need brushes, nor buckets of water.

They mostly use their own hands to do it, and they have developed such great skills, that they do it in just a few minutes. Let's travel the world together to see some of them.

And if you go to any of these places, be sure to pay them a visit!

We start our journey in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where Balam makes quick miniature paintings with his fingers and nails.

Then we go to Málaga, Spain, where Fabián Gaete shows exceptional skills and showmanship when he makes his mini paintings on glass. You'll find videos of him all over YouTube because people are in awe of his speed. He's the fastest of the ones I've seen, but not in detriment of the finished piece.

Another Mexican artist, this one paints on plates (and spoons!) and allows himself a bit more time so he can make more detailed and colorful pieces.

You'll find Salas in San José de Costa Rica, a character as colorful as his art. The videographer made a good job to present the place and ask Salas about him, so we can know him a little better.

Our journey ends in Chile, where this artists follows the landscape finger painting trend but has developed his own style.

And there are tons more, everywhere in the world! Hopefully, you'll find one on your next vacation. Until then, you can hop from video to video on YouTube and keep having fun!

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