DesignCap | Free Online Poster Maker Review

Apr 13, 2018 at 04:00 pm by Barbara Din

DesignCap free online poster maker Review

DesignCap is a website app that lets you create custom posters and flyers quickly. They claim on the front page: "DesignCap helps you turn creativity into stunning posters and flyers with great ease." So let's have a look!

First, we are presented with a template menu in which we can choose to see all templates available or by category like Promotion, Party, Food, Education, etc. Since there are tons of them, this comes in handy if you don't want to waste a lot of time browsing. It is a good selection with lots of variety and nice, contemporary and classic design styles.

Two things bothered me, though. The templates come in a set size, either 420×594 mm. or 210×297 mm. and I didn't find any way to change their size in the design tools, even when you can choose from four-pixel dimensions when exporting to either .jpg or .png. Also, they're all the one aspect ratio. You can't make a square or any other ratio, not even the same dimensions in landscape instead of portrait.

Imagine your best photo ever

Once you selected your template, you can go ahead and add images if you want.

Here you have three options: upload one from your computer, import a photo from your Facebook account (in which case you have to give the app access to it), or search from Pixabay, the royalty-free stock photo site. Having this option right inside the app is really cool!

Having placed the picture, you can do the basic usual stuff: move it, resize it, crop it, rotate, flip it and push it backward or forward with respect to the other design elements. You also have basic retouch features, such as exposure, brightness, contrast, etc. and a few saved presets, like in Instagram and other apps.

In the text department, you are presented with a pretty decent amount of fonts to choose from, some preset styles, and the basic abilities to set color, opacity, outline color and width, and glow.

Then, you have the clipart section, in which you can choose from simple shapes to more complex clipart and icons, including social media ones, and they are really well organized so you're not lost looking for them.

Plus, you have a search tab to search from the internet as well. For the ones included in the app, you can change their colors. If they're monochrome you change the only color, but some have more than one color and you can play with those.

Lastly, there's the background tab.

There you can choose a solid color, gradients both linear and circular, or some premade seamless patterns. The patterns are basic, but useful. Good enough for a quick design. What I would love to see is the ability to change their colors, just like you can with the available clipart.

Once you're done, you can export to .jpg or .png formats or share to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr). You can also print and save the project, to load it later.


I reviewed DesignEvo a while ago, and this online tool works pretty much the same, only designed for making posters and flyers instead of logos. As with DesignEvo, I love that DesignCap lets you create for free with no registration required.

It doesn't get better than that: a free, simple tool to make quick projects without hassles.


DesignCap website 

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