Seven Short Films Made with the Help of Cinema 4D

Apr 07, 2018 at 03:00 am by Press Release

If you're going to create a short movie that makes use of 3D animation software and you're working with a small team or on your own, then it probably helps if that tool is easy to use. This is one of Cinema 4D's strengths, along with its intuitive interface and connection to many other tools, such as Adobe After Effects.

Here you'll find a mixture of seven short films made with the help of Cinema 4D that have really impressed us over the years. From visual effects to full CG. The first one dates back to 2000!




You'll need a pair of red and cyan 3D glasses for this one! Phil "Captain 3D" McNally created Pump Action in 2000. The slightly tweaked version above was re-rendered in 2011 in full HD with updated stereoscopic values.

Phil created Pump Action to learn more about 3D, to enter it into film festivals, and to include it on his demo reel. He hoped it would help him to earn an animation job. It certainly worked. That same year, Phil took up a job at Industrial Light & Magic.

Phil has an impressive string of credits, including Chicken Little, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda 2, Men in Black II and Van Helsing.

Read Phil's 2009 interview with the Washington Post.


Job, Joris & Marieke created this short for their hometown, Utrecht, to promote the Tour de France's leg that took place in the Netherlands’ fourth-largest city in 2015.

It features the catchy song Bon Voyage! by Blaudzun, whose name, appropriately, comes from cyclist Verner Blaudzun, who represented Denmark at the Olympics.

You can find more info on the Behance page for the project.


SEED (2015)

MAXON commissioned Aixsponza's Seed video for the launch of Cinema 4D R17 to demonstrate the powerful new features in the new version. Seed was a runner-up for Vimeo's Top Videos of 2015. The full CG film featured heavy-duty photoscanning, with Aixsponza developing new ways of working in the process.

Check out the Making of Seed, presented by Aixsponza's Matthias Zabiegly at IBC 2015.



This impressive solo effort by Shawn Wang was initially inspired by the 2014 space epic science fiction film Interstellar. Shawn created the piece as a passion project as well as his graduation thesis film at the Communication University of China.

Check out Shawn's rigging test for the RAZOR rover.



TK-436 was the impressive winner of the 2016 Filmmaker Select Award at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Brothers Samtubia and Samgoma Edwards wanted to tell a Star Wars story from the point of view of the little guy, in this case, stormtrooper TK-436.

"Make you cry this video will," wrote the Sunday Express.


TRUCKIN' (2017)

Neil Stubbings created this short for Freitag, whose robust bags are made from recycled truck tarpaulins. "We started looking into truck tarpaulins because we didn't know of any other material that was as tough. Every tarp has its own story," says Freitag.

Read the Neil Stubbings Infuses 3D Animation with Classic Cartoon Style post on the Adobe blog.




MAXON backed The Ottoman on Kickstarter to help raise funds to complete this fantastic-looking short that has a visual style inspired by European comic-book artists such as Jean "Mœbius" Giraud.

The story: The Ottoman, a cocky mechanic and amateur robot gladiator, is looking forward to proving himself in the arena with his trusty beetle-mecha, the Scarab. But when he discovers that he’ll be facing off against the reigning Tournament champion and his massive mechanical Scorpion, the Ottoman’s confidence turns to panic.

Cineversity has a 45-minute video from Siggraph 2015 where Bret Bays, Character TD at Disney Animation, demonstrates the character rigging pipeline he developed for The Ottoman.



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