Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge gives artists a chance to work with a game designer

Apr 02, 2018 at 06:00 pm by Press Release

Do you have what it takes to land a gig with a legendary game designer? Find out by bringing your memories to life in Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge!

Will Wright, world-renowned game designer and creator of The SimsSimCity, and Spore, has announced that his game dev studio, Gallium Artists, which was co-founded by Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego creator Lauren Elliott, is working on its newest mobile game, Proxi.

During our keynote at GDC, we announced that Will Wright and Gallium Artists have partnered with Unity to launch the Proxi Art Challenge! Artists will submit their creations for the opportunity to become one of two grand prize winners, who will be flown to California to interview with Will Wright and his team. After the interview, one of those winners may be selected as the 3D artist hired to help Will Wright’s team bring Proxi to life! Do you have what it takes to land the gig?

Join the Proxi Art Challenge

Will Wright is stepping back into the spotlight to build his first game in approximately ten years — and he is building his game with Unity. Proxi is a mobile simulation game currently in development that follows in the footsteps of his other successful games series — The Sims, SimCity, and Spore. However, this time it’s all about the player.

Proxi will allow players to build worlds from their own memories. Players will be given a blank world to start with and must develop it using memories as building blocks. The player will place memories in the world, creating and naming islands of connected memories, which can be on any topic they choose, such as “Family adventures,” or “High School Days.” Over time, these interlinked environments become rich, 3D worlds.

Will Wright and Gallium Artists chose Unity due to its flexibilityeasy integration with AI/ML, and cross-platform capabilities. Unity allows the team to quickly prototype in the environment they create, allowing non-programming artists to build conceptual artwork, import it into Unity and then iterate on it rapidly. For the Proxi team, Unity has become the crossroads for art and artistic expression.

The Challenge: Turn your own personal memories into 3D game art.

The memories you choose to create are entirely up to you.

On May 29 – a little less than two months from now – judges will pick two grand prize winners, who will be flown out to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet Will Wright and the team at Gallium Artists, as well as have the opportunity to interview for a chance to land a job on their team. View the full job description here. The contest began on March 19, and will run until May 14. We have a group renowned creators participating as judges including:

  • Will Wright: Co-Founder Maxis – The Sims, Spore, SimCity
  • Ocean Quigley: Creative Director, Facebook, EA
  • Bill Robinson: Disney Illustrator and Character Design – Frozen
  • Matt Jones: Story Artist, Pixar – Inside Out, Finding Dory
  • Jenna Chalmers: Game Designer, Tech Lead
  • Robin Hunicke: Game Designer – Journey, Professor of Game Design
  • Lauren Elliott: Game Designer – Carmen Sandiego, CEO Gallium
  • Nick Klingensmith: Unity Asset creator, Unity Developer Certification contributor
  • Oskar Stalberg: Game Developer – Planet Tile Experiment
  • Mark Schoennagel: Evangelist, Unity

The Proxi Art Challenge is hosted on Unity Connect, the first professional network and community hub dedicated to the full spectrum of Unity creators, from the games industry to VR/AR and beyond.

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