9 things to know from NVIDIA's GTC 2018

Mar 27, 2018 at 03:22 pm by SchelleFire

NVIDIA made several announcements at its 9th annual GPU Technology Conference.

In fact, there's been so much news over the past few days, it would fill up your news feed. So here is some of the biggest news all in one convenient place.

NVIDIA Boosts World’s Leading Deep Learning Computing Platform, Bringing 10x Performance Gain in Six Months

NVIDIA unveiled a series of advances to boost performance on deep learning workloads by 10x compared with the generation introduced just six months ago.

Advancements include a 2x memory boost to NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 and a revolutionary new GPU interconnect fabric called NVIDIA NVSwitch™, which enables up to 16 Tesla V100 GPUs to simultaneously communicate at a record speed of 2.4 terabytes per second.

The company also launched NVIDIA DGX-2™, the first single server capable of delivering two petaflops of computational power. DGX-2 has the deep learning processing power of 300 servers occupying 15 racks of datacenter space, while being 60x smaller and 18x more power efficient. 

NVIDIA Expands Its Deep Learning Inference Capabilities for Hyperscale Datacenters

The company announced a series of new technologies and partnerships that expand its potential inference market to 30 million hyperscale servers, while lowering the cost of delivering deep learning-powered services.

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It introduced a new version of its TensorRT inference optimizer, with support for new capabilities in datacenters, automotive applications, and embedded devices.

NVIDIA’s close collaboration with partners such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft make it easier for developers to take advantage of GPU acceleration using TensorFlow, ONNX and WinML.

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NVIDIA Introduces DRIVE Constellation Simulation System to Safely Drive Autonomous Vehicles Billions of Miles in Virtual Reality

DRIVE Constellation is a cloud-based system for testing autonomous vehicles using photorealistic simulation – creating a safer, more scalable method for bringing self-driving cars to the roads.

NVIDIA and Arm Partner to Bring Deep Learning to Billions of IoT Devices

NVIDIA and Arm today announced that they are partnering to bring deep learning inferencing to the billions of mobile, consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices that will enter the global marketplace. 


NVIDIA Brings Live GPU Migration, Ultra-High-End Workstation Performance to Virtualization

We announced advances to our virtual desktop infrastructure:

  • New virtualization software capabilities, including improved data center management with support for live migration of GPU-accelerated virtual machines.
  • Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation support for Tesla V100 GPUs.
  • Enhanced NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC to support multiple 4K monitors and Linux.

IndeX Volume Visualization for HPC Comes to NVIDIA GPU Cloud

NVIDIA IndeX is a 3D volumetric visualization tool that allows scientists and researchers to visualize and interact with massive datasets, make modifications and navigate to the most pertinent parts of the data, all in real time, to gather better insights faster.

An IndeX container is available today on NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). It can be used to run NVIDIA Volta or Pascal-powered workstation, NVIDIA DGX systems or in the cloud. 

Robotics Reimagined: NVIDIA Releases Isaac SDK to Accelerate Creating Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA announced the Isaac software development kit, a collection of libraries, drivers, APIs and other tools that will accelerate the development and deployment of robotics.

Man Pilots Machine Remotely in ‘Black Panther’-Inspired VR Demo

We demonstrated how a human driver can control an autonomous vehicle remotely using virtual reality and autonomous driving. 

Connection Inflection: Verizon Building Safer, Smarter Cities Using NVIDIA Metropolis

Verizon joined nearly 100 other companies already using NVIDIA Metropolis, our edge-to-cloud video platform for building smarter, faster deep learning-powered applications.

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