Motion Weekly - February 12, 2016

Feb 09, 2016 at 01:10 pm by nickcharles

The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may be personal works. May this weekly segment serve to inspire you.

A Brief Lesson on Color Theory

A brilliant student project on Color Theory.

SVA motion graphics semester project on

Ori Kleiner

Curious Notion

The Rhyacian

A Fractal journey to the birth of the Eukaryotic Cell; the building block of almost all life we see today.

music: "Prayer For A God" by Darren Tate

The Rhyacian is a geologic period that lasted between 2300 and 2050 million years ago.
In this period, the first Eukaryotic cells emerged.
Until this period, the earth had been inhabited only by the much simpler Prokaryotes, which make up Bacteria and Archaea.
The birth of the Eukaryote with its distinctive nucleus has been extremely important for evolution to get going.
All fungi are Eukaryotes.
All plants and animals are Eukaryotes.
We are made out of mysterious Eukaryotes that continue to exist after that magical moment in the Rhyacian, over two billion years ago.

Life Cycles

This animation came out of experimental work. A very impressive experiment, indeed!

"Life Cycles" is a collaboration between Andres Rossi Studio and Kasana.

After collaborating on a couple projects we realized it could be great to do some experimental work together. Andres lives in a place surrounded by mountains so he wanted to do something related to nature, life, something primal. So there we started.

Andres was in charge of design and art direction and Roberto of animation and compositing but everything was discussed and agreed together. So it was a very collaborative process. It took a few months, knowing that we had to give priority to the other projects for our clients we both had going on.

"And this was really positive. It's different when you are able to let the piece rest, because that distance gives you a better judgment of what you've done."


Directed by Andres Rossi & Roberto Conolly
Art direction and design: Andres Rossi
Animation and compositing: Roberto Connolly
Music and sound design: Lucas Totino Tedesco

"Life Cycles"
A co-production Andres Rossi Studio & Kasana

Le Son des Flammes

Stranded Horse (Yann Tambour /Boubacar Cissokho)

Voici notre film de quatrième année à LISAA promo 2014 !

"Au travers de sa musique un vieux joueur de Kora va purifier une forêt malade."
"An old kora player purifies a sick forest through his music."

MAKING OF du film :

Equipe du film

Vincent Gibaud (Réalisation / Concept Art / Story-Board / Layout / Background / ColorScript)
Alizée Laffitau (Animation Fx / Chara-Design) -
Yann Leroy (Composting / LightScript / Texturing / Lighting ) -
Charlotte Guittet (Rig / Animation 3D ) -
Victor Lacotte ( Animation 3D ) -
Julia Robin ( Animation 3D / Concept Art / Chara-Design)

Le mail de contact de l'équipe :

Sound Design
Benjamin Gex-Fabry

Thanks for watching!

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