MJ Cole's 'Pictures in my Head' Gets Wonderful Surreal Look from Experienced Designer, Nik Hill

Mar 07, 2018 at 11:02 am by nickcharles

Freelance Motion Designer, Nik Hill, went big when called on to put together a music video for MJ Cole's "Pictures in my Head." Before going freelance, Nik Hill was Art Director at Territory Studio, working on such films as "Avengers: Age Of Ultron," "Guardians of the Galaxy," and "Blade Runner 2014."

Stating that the upbeat MJ Cole track called up a colorful world of visual metaphors in his mind, he set out to create a thrilling, surrealistic masterpiece of motion design. Rather than creating a simplistic piece, Nik summoned his Art Director experience to lead a small team to make something truly special.

Calling on three skilled 3D artists from different parts of the globe, he communicated his ideas effectively enough, while leaving lots of room for these artists to flex their own creativity. Making for a truly satisfying working relationship, Nik states, "If you shut people down too soon, then it's not fun for them. Artists want to feel like they're adding value, expressing themselves through they're work."

The artists involved in the project were Toronto-based Lauren Galloway, who took on much of the 3D modeling for the project, while Adriana "Electra" Mora created 3D environments from Mexico. Finally, French artist, Grace Barth, oversaw some of the animation.

For this captivating video, Maxon's Cinema 4D was primarily used for scene building, with compositing done in Adobe's After Effects.

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