Winners named in Renderosity's annual animation contest

Oct 04, 2017 at 12:02 pm by SchelleFire

The votes have been cast and the winners have been chosen the in 2017 Animation contest.

And the winners are:

1. "The Duel" by Richard60

Richard60 said: "This was done in Poser Pro 2012 and Poser Physics for 2012. The Ninja crows are from Renderosity freebies. This was done in about 17 days as a showcase for cultural icons of the past, how many can you spot?"

2. "Fantasy movement and flight" by Sepiasiren

Sepiasiren said about the animation: "This is a music video compilation showcasing some of my major characters from my stories. The music video took roughly four weeks to compile and complete. I used textures, clothes and hair from Biscuits, Sveva, Kaleya, Esha and Godin as well as many others. A shout out to Virtual World Dynamics which helped me create the flowing tresses and clothing.

3. "How some adventurous 'Anime Girls' like to travel" by poisinivy

Poisinivy described the animation as "a 1:40 minute animated film of a anime girl flying and landing a jet plane.

"This was a Daz Studio Iray iteration test animation that I created to figure out iIray setups for animation use. ... All sound effects were created and in my own music studio as usual or recorded live on location by using various equipment and a RMS sound machine and keyboard. The radio announcer sound byte is royalty free from"

Honorable mention: Another Swan by Caty77

For the 2017 Animation contest, creators were asked to create using the products purchased from the Renderosity Marketplace and/or Freestuff area. Community members then voted on their favorites.

Grand Prize Winner received prize packs from Reallusion ($100), Strata, RPublishing and Renderosity Prime. 2nd Place Winner prize packs from Reallusion ($60), RPublishing and some of Renderosity's top vendors. 3rd Place Winner prize packs from Reallusion ($25), RPublishing and some of Renderosity's top vendors.

The next contest is already underway with the annual Halloween contest. This year's theme is Generation Horror Wars.

Whose side will you be on? Whose generation will win? Universal monsters versus modern-day slashers, Freddie versus. Saw, The Evil Dead versus The Walking Dead. Choose generations of horror and have them battle it out. Let the battles begin!

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