2 incredible showreels and a moment of Zen

Sep 20, 2017 at 10:27 am by SchelleFire

The Expanse SII reel by SPINVFX

Last week SPIN released its reel for the second season of The Expanse.

SPIN delivered 540 shots for the 13 episode season, which aired on SyFy earlier this year. The shots included more than 75 creature shots.

"Collaborating with Production VFX Supervisor Bob Munroe, SPIN's VFX Supervisor Kyle Menzies, and our artists fleshed out creative sequences from concept development and storyboarding to completion," SPIN said in a blog post.

Watch it on Vimeo

The Foundry showreel

Foundry posted its 2017 showreel last week featuring client work created using Nuke, Modo, Mari and Katana.

Moment of Zen

Tyler Britton created this forest river to help hone his modeling skills.

"I was responsible for all aspects except for some of the models/textures a few of the plants on the bank. Shoutout to all the people that helped me work on this and give me positive feedback throughout the process," he said in the description on Vimeo.

Forest River from Tyler Britton on Vimeo.