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Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet Revisited (trailer) from BELA FILM on Vimeo.


Blue Velvet Revisited is a documentary film based on hours of documentary footage that was filmed and photographed in 1985 in the USA, on the set of "Blue Velvet" of David Lynch.

Peter Braatz obtained the exclusive rights to document the entire production of the cult classic film "Blue Velvet" from David Lynch himself, with most of this footage never previously released to the public.

In 'Blue Velvet Revisited', the film images, numerous sound recordings, photographs, paintings, objects and relics that Braatz had collected are selected and composed into an evocative new film, based on a story told by the Director without the need for narration.

These lost and mostly never before seen images are revisited and reinterpreted now, 30 years later.

'Blue Velvet Revisited', an 85 minute long documentary, is a journey, sharing with the viewer some kind of buried treasure.


As it is "Blue Velvet Revisited", is a visit to a certain historic time and place, an essay, and a rediscovery. It's a tale from the subjective view-point of a German filmmaker who found himself by chance in the middle of the production of a landmark in 20th century cinema.

Or was it not by chance at all? Had this film been lying in wait for so many years, so very nearly lost?

There were so many questions to answer, so many thoughts and feelings revealed. I dug into my four hours of original Super-8 film, two additional hours of 16mm from Munich in 1987, several hours of video-material from the german promotion of "Blue Velvet", over 1000 photographs, objects, drawings and relics, to find there was so much to discover, to choose from, and combine.

So much to say, to hear, to see and to feel. "Blue Velvet Revisited" is my excavation of a hidden treasure, which just needed to be touched once more to blossom and sparkle.


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