iClone's Lip-Sync Tool

Apr 06, 2016 at 10:48 am by -gToon

In the past, when using the automatic lip-sync feature in iClone, users would often run into jumpy, artificial, one-sound-to-one-shape lip-syncing that would sometimes appear to be off. This would often happen when users relied too much on the automatic feature, whilst not further customizing the generated visemes in the timeline.

But with the release of the FREE Character Creator tool and the iClone 6.2 update last year, came an innovative new improvement to the lip-sync tool in iClone. This update brought the ability to use up to 300 phoneme shape combinations for the most accurate and natural-looking lip-syncing, giving all your 3D characters a more natural talk. These great greatly enhanced mouth movements are now governed by pairing 8 lip-dental shapes, 7 tongue positions, and various mouth widths, blended in varied time curves to represent more natural transitions between 240 possible phoneme combinations. In addition, there are now more powerful tools available to give users additional options and flexibility when generating and editing character lip-syncs.

This video covers some of those capabilities along with key frame reduction to avoid any excess phoneme keys generated by the automatic lip-sync feature, facial animation smoothing, and separate lips, tongue and jaw editing for complete control over small details to ensure a more natural facial animation.