Photo Essay: The Art of Jeroni

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Jeroni is a photographer from Spain. He's been a member of Renderosity since 2010 and has shared over 200 photographs of his world since joining. We were impressed with the feeling and style of his photography and wanted to make him the first of our "Photo Essay" series for Renderosity Magazine.


My name is Jerome. I am 59 years old and retired from a spinal cord injury. I was born in Monturque Córdoba and live in Barcelona Spain. Here, I developed my passion for photography. I belong to Associació Catalana de Fotografia i Imatge Digital (ACFID), where I try to learn from good photographers. What fascinates me is the architecture, and the sunsets and the sky is indeed more photos than I.

I use a Canon E7, Canon 400 d and a Canon Digital Analog F1 slide. I cling to the old technique by color. I have always loved photography. When I started, my main reason was to get references for my paintings: Photos skies, mountains, vegetation, etc. Gradually, I improved my photos and I was totally hooked. Now, it has become a real passion. And the digital age has made it even easier. My laboratory is at home. You can control and manipulate a photo. I work limits with RAW files, and the program I use is the Corel Paintshop.

Most of the photos and papers collected here have been photographed with a camera Fujifilm F810. E7 now use a Canon Canon EOS 400D SLR with a lens and Canon17-85mm 100 -200, 18-135mm.

10 Photos

Dias de Julio VI

La mujer Cordobesa

Paseando por mi tie

The Fruits of Mother Earth



Dias de Julio XXII

La Concha1

September Days

Paseando por mi tie 2

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