Writer Grand Prize Winner: Enone

Jan 04, 2016 at 02:59 pm by -gToon

So, our Holiday contest was a success! We had so many amazing entries and thank you for your participation. There were only 4 winners in each category, but if we could, we would have given you all prizes, but, unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Anywho, please congratulation Writer Grand Prize Winner: Enone for her creation and read more about how she created it!

I have been a member since August of 2012. My image was done in paint, it was inspired by the theme of the contest. My story however was inspired by all of the military personnel and their family that are separated from each other during the holiday seasons. My story took approximately 3 days to write, proofread and revise. I have participated twice before, one didn't place and the other won honorable mention. I have been writing on and off since I was 16 or so. Approximately 17 years. I have expanded and become a better artist as time has passed.

Soldier Coming Home

She remembered the first time she met him as though it was yesterday. It was Christmas Eve and he stood there alone under the mistletoe, waiting for the girl who never showed up. Conquering her shyness, Mary walked up to him and kissed him gently on the lips, she believed that no man should be left standing alone under the mistletoe. Surprised he thanked her, told her that he was supposed to ship out in two weeks, and that his girlfriend was supposed to meet him here. Mary blushed, embarrassed to have been kissing a man who had a girlfriend.

A lone tear trails down Mary's cheek as she recalls their meeting. She recalled how much time they had spent together in those days before he shipped out. How he had proposed to her the day before, and begged for an answer. She said yes, of course she would marry him. Two years later, they were married. They lived in the house where they first had met, and every year at Christmas time, they would hang the mistletoe in the same spot, and he would stand there, waiting for her to kiss him again. "Except for this year," she cried, "this year, I will be all alone."

Three weeks ago the Military Police showed up at the door, informing her that he had become missing in action. She broke down in tears, inconsolable, she wept. He was her everything, and now, he was missing. Missing from his platoon, missing from her life.

"This year," Mary thought, "I am not going to decorate. It won't be the same without him." Tears rolling down her face, Mary moved the couch under the spot where they had always put the mistletoe. "He won't be standing here waiting on my kiss," she said, "so there is no need to keep this area open any longer."

Before she knew it, the Christmas party was upon her. She had forgotten to cancel it in all of her anguish. People started flooding in, hugging her tight and thanking her for still holding the party. As the party-goers mingled, Mary sat on the couch, photo albums in hand. She looked at all the pictures of Christmases past, the Christmases that he was with her. Tears streaming down her face, she reminisced about the happy times, and how much she would miss them.

As she sat there crying, someone placed hands on her shoulders, bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips. A voice, so familiar said, "Mary, where is the mistletoe?" She jumped and turned. Her eyes fell upon her soldier who had been placed on the MIA list. She started to cry uncontrollably, as he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her again. "Mary, my love," he said, "I have missed you so much." He went to get the missing mistletoe, and brought it to hang in the spot it always hung for the Christmas party, and the Christmas season. He knelt on the couch, under the mistletoe. "Mary," He whispered, "It's your turn." She went to him and kissed him, clutching him tight to her. His tears mingled with hers as they both cried in joy.

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