Thanksgiving Traditions

Nov 26, 2015 at 04:57 pm by -gToon

So, I don't know about you, but this year is different than other years because I've always been surrounded by family during Thanksgiving. Normally, my dad's mom and my mom's dad would come over; we'd eat dinner together and then play cards. It was like that for about 5 years.

Well, the reason why I say it's not the same this year is because I'm living in another state without family around. The only one whom I consider family is my boyfriend. It will be the first year we're away from family and friends, first year we're making our own dinner, first year we'll be living together, so we're going to start a new tradition.

I decided to ask the Renderosity community members what their Thanksgiving tradition or ritual is.

Well, all of our traditions have changed since moving here. Normally in Ohio we had everyone over to our house. We/I would cook for days before and then we would have everyone come over and have dinner. Now that we live here we don't have family to invite. We have tried going out to dinner, that was a disaster as the kids really didn't like it and then there were no leftovers and that really upset them. Lol We have tried going to a friend's house who invited us over. Really same problem, no leftovers or smells of Thanksgiving in our house and they didn't like that. And this year, I am honestly not sure what to do. I am going to cook and we are going to have dinner at home, but I am sure it won't be the same with no one coming over.

But, we have each other, have the ability to buy food to cook, have a kitchen to cook it in, everyone is healthy and happy, so we will make new traditions. -Marketplace Admin JennB

My very strange Thanksgiving Tradition that's over ten years old is at some point in the day we watch "JAWS"..... I know its weird but my cousin and I started it and now its a family thing and as far as Modeling /Animation in concerned, most definitely....A day without Keyframing is like a day without breathing. -3DS Max coordinator cineboy

This year will be an extra-special Thanksgiving, because it's also mine and my wife's 31st anniversary. We haven't yet decided what we're going to do tho. -3DS Max Moderator wheatpenny

That evening I do usually like to finish up my Christmas card. I render my own and used to insert the kids into a Christmas scene. They're too old for that now but otherwise it's fairly traditional, either I'm cooking and everyone's at my house or I'm baking and we're at my brother in laws. Unless it's snowing and then we have to work around my husband's business. -Poser Moderator Kendra

My family has a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with the 4 of us at first. Then a lil bit later we go to my Dad's & visit with him. My 2 boys love visiting Papaw as he always tells them exciting hunting stories. Also if weather permits we go for family walks thru the woods behind his house. Congrats on the 31st Anniversary wheatpenny:) I hope my hubby & I make it to 31 years:) We've been together 15 as of last June:) So I guess it's halfway mark.-- Guardian_Angel_671

I have my family over for dinner, and this is what we have: Roast Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, corn, spinach/cheese casserole, sweet potatoes, hot rolls, and pumpkin and pecan pie. Later, when everyone is gone and the house is cleaned up, I fire up my PC and dabble in Poser. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! -drifterlee

I spend the day with my family cooking, playing games and watching movies. - Brandye

[My Thanksgiving] It involves watching the parade and cooking in my pajamas and playing video games. -Sveva

My hubby comes from a large family. He is #6 of 11 siblings. So, we often head over to his mom and dad's for a really huge thanksgiving get together. I'm from a smaller family. Only 4 kids. So our get together's are always smaller. The "get together" days vary from year to year, and some times we just stay home to do our own thing. On those days we tend to just relax and hang out. I'm never very far from my machine, so I am often tinkering with something in Poser/Daz/Cinema4D. -wolfie

Definitely no 3D modeling in my thanksgiving tradition, I go to a big clan gathering for my brother in law's family; there's like 40 of us, typical huge meal stuffing turkey green beans pumpkin pie etc. -darkworld

It involves going to my partner's daughter's and eating too much. Playing games with the kids and family time. -Poser Moderator Boni

No modeling per say, although I have 3D friends over on the day after T-day. Thanksgiving is a huge production for me with cooking started on Monday. I do a Bon Appetit Magazine style T-Day. (see Cookbook link: Making good food is an art form too smile emoticon Thursday is Family day and Friday is friends day. With Friends day (typically 6-10 friends), there's leftovers and some recipes repeated. After dinner we game on my rendering network (8 PCs) into the wee hours. Friends invited that you'd know would be Charles Taylor and wife (Chuck is the Product Manager for SmithMicro's Poser) -Keng

Happy Thanksgiving from Renderosity!

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