Pluralsight Releases New "Introduction to Houdini 2015" Course

Nov 12, 2015 at 05:21 am by -gToon

To coincide with Side Effects Software's recent release of Houdini 15 (H15), Pluralsight (formerly Digital-Tutors), today announced the release of "Introduction to Houdini 2015." This new course will guide artists through the process of developing an impressive effects shot, teaching them many of Houdini 15's most compelling aspects along the way.

Free for 30 days, this course caters to artists who have a general understanding of 3D, but are new to Houdini. Beginning with an interface introduction, the course continues with lessons on basic geometry manipulation and polygon modeling. Later, artists will learn how to create custom assets and interfaces, as well as apply materials and manipulate UV's. Animation and dynamics are also included, with basic lighting and rendering concepts wrapping up the course.

Pluralsight is also giving away access to its brand new "Creating Custom Shaders in Houdini 15" course, along with some of their handpicked favorite Houdini training. For the experienced Houdini artists, "Building FX Tools in Houdini", "Image-Based Rigid Body Destruction in Houdini" and "Advanced Rigid Body Dynamics using Proxy Objects in Houdini" are available.

"In the VFX industry, there are certain skills that make you stand out. Learning Houdini is one of them," said Kyle Green, Pluralsight Director of Creative Content. "With the help of working with Side Effects, Pluralsight is becoming the best training resource for Houdini on the web. Now, artists that want to learn this very marketable skill can explore everything H15 has to offer, with the guided help of an expert that's been where they might just want to go."

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