Modo 902: Reality Reimagined

Dec 21, 2015 at 10:42 pm by -gToon

The Foundry has recently released an upgrade to their popular 3D application, Modo. Hot on the heels of Modo 901, released only several months ago, comes Modo 902 which specifically focuses on tools for digital matte painting and virtual camera creation. Modo 902 is a free upgrade to Modo 901 users and can be purchased as a new seat or an upgrade from Modo 801 or earlier.

New in Modo 902

Camera matching
Easily match a 3D camera to a background image just by drawing on screen and using one-click set-ups: you can match position, rotation, focal length and resolution, and estimate lens distortion.

Projecting images
Choose from the Projection Texture to project images into a given texture channel, and the Projection Shader to replicate the exact pixels of the real-world image unaffected by your scene's lighting and shading.

Projection Ink
Use MODO's intuitive brush-based tools to paint projected textures directly onto UV-mapped geometry. Blend images from multiple cameras to create seamless maps that work from any angle.

Camera Plane modifier
Create an image plane with a single click; MODO will adjust size, position and rotation to keep it filling the screen as you adjust the depth. Repeat for easy multi-layered compositions and animations.

Physical Sun setup
Use image metadata--location, direction, time of day--to automatically match MODO's Physical Sun to the real-world setting. Photographed and virtual shadows will align with just a few button clicks.

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Create something better
When it comes to modeling and sculpting, MODO's renowned toolset just got better. Now a fully integrated feature included since MODO 901, MeshFusion takes away the challenge of complex and frustrating Boolean operations, making it easier to consistently produce high-quality models. Add to that topological symmetry, layered multi-resolution sculpting, new Slice and Cap options, Quad Fill, Linear and Radial Align, Multi-slice and more, and polygon modeling is faster, easier and more efficient than ever

A model of efficiency
The world's best modeling tools, now even better

Welcome to better Booleans for everyone! With MeshFusion, you can interactively intersect, add and subtract SDS objects, control the blending between, and intuitively edit the assembly instructions.

Multi-res sculpting
Work with multiple sculpt layers at each mesh level; displacement values from all the layers are blended together into the final result, with each layer's contribution controlled by an Opacity attribute.

Topological symmetry
Don't needlessly double your workload! Now you can work on both sides of your models at once, even when they're topologically but not spatially symmetrical, such characters that have been posed.

Radial and Linear Align
Align polygon, edge or vertex selections into circles, n-sided shapes or straight lines with new align tools--great for bringing uniformity to areas of your model. The weight of the effect can be varied.

Better everyday tools
The Slice tool now offers new cap options, and can slice across multiple edges; plus, there's new and improved options for Quad Fill, the Curve Generator tool, edge loop selection, and more.

For more information or to try a 30-day trial of Modo 902 visit the Foundry's Modo website. The video below lists some of the new features discussed above but in more detail. And don't forget to check out Plurasight's Modo 902training as well.

Modo 902 Video

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