E-on Software Acquired by Bently Systems

Sep 15, 2015 at 04:27 am by -gToon

Bently Systems Acquires E-on Software

E-on software, makers of digital nature solutions like Vue, LumenRT and Plant Factory, has been acquired byBently Systems, a "the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive architecture and engineering software solutions for sustaining infrastructure". Announced on the E-on website, the notice comes with a personal message from E-on founder, Nicholas Phelps.

Dear friends of e-on,

For over 20 years, I have dedicated e-on software to creating and supporting the best digital nature solutions. We have covered a lot of ground since the very first release of VUE as a shareware, in 1995 After ILM picked up VUE for the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest, VUE rapidly became a must have for the movie industry. Since then, we have focused our efforts on serving the casual artist and the super-production powerhouse alike, with every release of VUE adding exciting new functionality for all.

Recently, we recognized a growing need among architects and engineers to 'tell their story' in a more compelling way. We responded to this by leveraging our expertise in visual effects and created LumenRT, an
easy-to-use product that brings quick, high-quality 'movie production'to the architectural and engineering worlds.

It is to further this vision of easy-to-use digital nature and visualization solutions that we are joining Bentley Systems.

Bentley Systems is a fantastic company that shares our passion for technological excellence. E-on software will continue to exist and thrive as one of its subsidiaries. I remain in charge, the entire team is maintained and all our products (VUE, PlantFactory, LumenRT, CloudFactory, Carbon Scatter and Cornucopia3D) will continue to improve and, with your help and the backing of Bentley, rapidly reach exciting new heights.

With this deal, we gain access to a highly qualified user base, substantial resources, and new distribution channels that will allow us to walk boldly into the future and produce ever more powerful visualization technologies and products, putting Hollywood movie quality into the hands of engineers and artists alike, around the world!

The entire team and myself are thrilled to join Bentley Systems to explore and extend these avenues together. This is excellent news for all our users and followers!

With my warmest regards,


Vue users in particular should breathe easy as the match between the companies makes sense. E-on will continue to be a separate division in Bently and I suspect we'll see E-on expanding in directions that will surprise and delight it's user base.

More info at the E-on website.

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