Lightwave 2015 Upgrade Offer

Sep 17, 2015 at 04:13 am by -gToon

Lightwave 2015 Upgrade Offer

Ready to move to LightWave 2015 and take advantage of the many new features and enhancements it offers? Make the move now from LightWave 11.6 or earlier and save $100 off the standard upgrade price of $495 (USD). Ends October 12, 2015.

LightWave 2015 New Features

• Better, cleaner renders with Importance Sampling

• Believable dynamic simulations with Bullet constraints and motors

• Easily place objects in photos or plates with the Match Perspective tool

• Fast, flexible rigging and the ability to generate custom presets with Genoma 2

• Powerful creative control and flexible rendering options with Edge Rendering improvements

• Speed up the animation process with Interactive Dynamic Parenting

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