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Nov 14, 2015 at 08:58 am by -gToon

*From the beginning, it was our desire to make a unique paint and animation program based on a burn-and-go workflow. This means that we don't have a process where a user adjusts a number of parameters in a project, and at some time clicks 'render' and sees the final result. Instead, that means we are rendering as the user progresses, or in other words, a user's actions become pixels at the soonest possible
point. It was also our goal for the program to be system friendly so it can be used on a wide assortment of hardware, and not just high end workstations, but we wanted it to have that level of performance no matter what kind of hardware it was running on, including some rather low end laptops*

-Dan Ritchie Howler blog, Monday, October 12, 2015

Howler, the unique media creation suite, is coming out with it's first new update in 2 years. Howler 10 will be released sometime in January. Dan Ritchie, the founder/creator of Howler is doing a special pre-order offer. Here's what you'll get.

  • You'll get a stable beta build we are internally calling Howler 9.7, and you will be notified with a download for your Howler 10.0 installer when it is ready around January.
  • You'll get 15 off the full release price of version 10, or 10 off the upgrade price. That's 59 for a full version of Howler 10, or $24 for the upgrade.

Place your order now, and reserve your copy of Howler 10 at a great discount at:

Howler 10 Top 10 new features - so far.
- New media browser (All new code. Adds previews for media types that weren't previously supported including particles/bristles/orbicles/foliage. Large or small icons. Thumbtack is remembered between instances. Refinements and fixes)
- New color picker (Integrated color themes and pigment profiles. New options, plus copy and paste)
- New undo system (Compression to save memory. Exists in memory or on disc. Undo browser)
- Foliage enhancements (Foliage painting comes into its own with big improvements)
- Block interpolation (Fix a missing or bad blocks of frames in a video using interpolation)
- More memory efficient (Animation operations that use the swap disc are 25% faster and more memory efficient. Undo memory is reduced using our new compression API. Undos can be saved to disc to allow
more memory for animation)
- Modernized GUI (Big improvements inspired by Particle 9)
- Autosave/crash recovery (Automatically save your work once a minute with the options to recover if a crash occurs)
- Cinemascopic filter (Simulate the look of color film stock from the 20's-40's based on a 2 color die process)
- Simplified brush size ("Allow brush transforms" is automatically turned on if you change a brushes size. No more headaches)

[text drawn from Dan Ritchie post at news forum]

Howler 10, 4 New Features Video

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