Trailer for Chinese Animated Feature "Little Door Gods"

Sep 26, 2015 at 07:22 am by -gToon

China's animated feature film market is heating up. This summers huge hit, Monkey King: Hero is Back (a wonderful film), which grossed over $150 million dollars in China, is only one example of just how fertile and energized Chinese filmmakers are becoming. Now the trailer for "Little Door Gods" has just been released by Light Chaser Animation Studio and it's wonderful. Comparing favorably to Pixar films in its quality and style, Little Door Gods was created to "create a world-class animated film with a Chinese cultural touch."

Written and directed by Light Chaser founder Gary Wang, the film takes its inspiration from the decorative home ornaments that many Asian cultures believe will protect their households from misfortune. In Little Door Gods,two Door Gods in modern-day China face unemployment in the spirit world, as few people believe in their spiritual powers anymore, and one of the gods decides to venture into the human world to create trouble in order to prove his value.

-quote: Light Chaser Animation website

Light Chaser has announced that "Little Door Gods" will premiere in January, 2016. Be sure to watch the trailer below and check out Light Chaser's website. Here's hoping that the film will be picked up for American distribution because the trailer is fantastic.

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