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Nov 03, 2015 at 08:11 am by -gToon

Our 2015 Halloween contest was a success! We had loads of beautiful, creative and wonderful images, which I'm sure choosing just one was quite difficult. But, in the end, the community chose 4 winners from each category. Therefore, I decided to interview the Grand Prize winners from each category. So, please congratulate member dmphoto for winning Grand Prize in the animation category.

So, tell me about your image.

My project "Intrusion" was created for the Renderosity Halloween Contest in the animation category. I was intrigued by the contest theme "Terrifying Monsters." 'There's no telling what's hiding behind your closet door or what lies in wait beneath your bed. They know our daily routines and are familiar with those we love. These terrifying monsters are all around us and it's up to us to have the strength and courage to realize they're only a figment of our imaginations - or are they?'

I enjoy animation. The opportunity to create something for a contest provides a very specific and defined project challenge.

How long did it take?

This animation is truly a frame by frame project. The camera, objects and lighting in the scenes are almost always moving so there was no opportunity to create time-saving plates where one can place one animated object in front of a static background and keyframe the movement for instance. The animation is a minute long, 24 frames per second so that is 1440 frames with an average render time of about 7 minutes so by the math the renders alone, the renders took around 168 hours. I'm guessing that I spent 40-50 hours actually setting up the animations, configuring the 3D resources, composting and editing the final animation.

What inspired you to do it?

I enjoy independent filmmaking and doing special effects work so adding animation to my tool box could be very powerful. I'd like to continue to learn and develop my animation skills. As a short film director, I'm continuously challenged to try to create a story that is quick and to the point. One also learns to use resources that are available to you. I envisioned a simple alien abduction in keeping with the contest theme. I knew that I had acquired 3D resources, the bedroom, female character, alien, and robot lab, which would work to tell this brief story.

How long have you been a member and have you participated before?

I joined Renderosity in January 2013. The site really helped me to get resources that I had no idea were available before finding Renderosity. I enjoy the many exceptional artists and great product pricing.

I participated last year in the Halloween Contest with an entry also in the animation category. I was experimenting with various rendering strategies that would save time but ultimately, my concept just wasn't particularly well developed. I had also started a project for the 2015 Christmas contest in animation but just didn't have the time to see it through. I'm not sure that people who haven't done animation, especially frame by frame animation, can appreciate the time that is involved!

How long have you been an artist?

I began formal study as a photographer in the late 90's and started creating short films five years ago. I became more seriously engaged in the world of 3D resources about three years ago as I've been trying to develop my skills for special effects (VFX). Right now, it seems I have my hand in a number of areas but I enjoy the challenge, particularly involving 3D art and resources. The ability to employ technology in the creation of art is very intriguing for me.

Please view his winning video below:

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