Getting to know new staff writer Michael Haase

Mar 23, 2016 at 12:30 pm by -gToon

I'd like to take the time to congratulate our new staff writer, Michael Haase. Not only does he write, he's also so much more than that! In order for you to get to know him, I sent him a round of questions to answer.

Hope : Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Michael : I'm a happy fellow. I am married to the most beautiful, intelligent, and funny woman I've ever met, I have a wonderful 2 year-old daughter who is brilliant and charming, and I have a son on the way in May. I am also a man of the arts. I practice the art of medicine in my profession as an Emergency Room Nurse. In the time that I make, I am an author (with my first novel being published later this year!), musician, artist, and general mess-maker.

How did you become so passionate about writing?

I think any good author might say through reading, but I'm not so sure that's the case with me. I'm sure there was a book somewhere along the way that spoke the magic words, but I wasn't paying attention to which book that was. So, instead I would just say that the art of story is what draws me in. Ever since I can remember, I was making things up for the sake of story. And to me, storytelling is an exciting a puzzle of lies that create a truth once assembled. Even when telling a true story, the brain is apt to put in at least a tiny fib here and there...sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. Why does this happen? Because even if you're telling the absolute truth, there's always a better way to tell the truth. That's what makes writing exciting to me.

Why did you want to become a writer?

I have dabbled in the arts for my entire life, but I didn't narrow my focus down to writing until the last five years or so. As I've said, the story aspect of all art has always captivated me the most. Whether I'm looking at Chagall's "Remembrance," listening to Radiohead, or reading Richard Adams' "Watership Down," (one of my absolute favorite books of all time), it's the story that draws me in. I realized that whether I was painting, writing music, or just scribbling, I was trying to tell a story. Thus, my focus steadied on writing itself and has stayed there.

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What inspires you the most?

Change is what inspires me the most. Life is not a pile for sorting out what is good and what is bad and keeping the good. The blend itself inspires me. There was a day when I helped my daughter take a few brand new steps in the morning, then went to work and held someone's hand during their final moments. I do not fear change; I see it as a guiding mainstay in life, in art, in everything. I've found appreciating the caterpillar, the cocoon, and the butterfly to be an inspiring perspective.

What do you think you can bring to Renderosity Magazine?

I plan on focusing on the story aspect of art. I believe that anyone creating art, be it visual, musical, or written, is trying to tell a story or a truth. We are all storytellers, and I want us all to have an easier time in doing just that. I am a writer, and I will soon also get that "published author" feather to wear in my cap, but that makes me no expert. People coming to this magazine are trying to find advice and new methods for creating. I say that if part of your reason for creating is telling a story, then I want to be here to help. I will be writing articles covering the art of telling a story, but I don't want it to be a one-way street. I want to open up discussion, and I want to learn from the readers here as well.

I look forward to getting started and making my own positive impact upon Renderosity Magazine. Thank you for the opportunity.

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