Does Reallusion want to compete with Poser and DAZ?

Mar 01, 2018 at 08:02 am by SchelleFire

A few weeks ago Reallusion released its 2018 Roadmap and it contained an interesting note. That the company plans to release a competitor to Poser and DAZ Studio.

Called Character Creator, the application has been included as a plug-in bundled versions of iClone and 3Dxcahnge. It came with base male and female characters, morph and skin presets, and some basic clothing and hair.

But now Reallusion has announced plans to release Character Creator 3 (CC3) as a standalone product.

In the Roadmap announcement, Reallusion explained CC was developed as a tool for animators but in order to export to other programs, users had to purchase 3Dxchange Pro/Pipeline edition.

"CC quickly became a market leader in the field of 3D character creation with its ability to morph the human body in boundless ways, dress and conform a variety of garments, supple implementation of facial expressions, support for body motions and much much more," the Roadmap announcement said.

Over the past few years, Reallsuion said demand grew from non-iClone users for access to the app without having to buy the full bundle at $700US

"In response, we have decided to make CC a standalone application, which can chart its own path and destiny. This has big implications in the way CC will take shape to support all of the necessary character import and export features, minimize its barriers to entry, and lower its dependency to outside 3D tools," the Roadmap said.

In CC3, Reallusion has optimized game character creation with physically accurate rendering, integration of Zbrush and GoZ and improvements to exporting to different software.

"Using mesh optimization and remeshing technology, CC3 can satisfy the requirements of different gaming environments including first and third person perspective, non-player characters and crowd simulation among others. In addition, the full integration of NVIDIA Iray fine render technology allows CC3 to deliver photorealistic imagery," the Roadmap said.

It also comes with improvements to the base character.

It has also solved a number of issues from the previous generation base, including the following:

  • Unsatisfactory stomach deformation when twisting.

  • Optimization for the structures of the eyelashes and the eyes.

  • Optimization for the edge-loops on the head and body.

  • Strange shoulder shape when the arms are raised or lowered to the sides of the body.

  • Strange hand and fingers shape when gripping or open.

  • Oddly shaped feet.

  • Strange buttocks shape when the thighs are bent.

  • Deformed joint shapes around the elbows and knees while in motion.

  • Fine-tuned the original skeleton with the addition of share-bones.

Read more about CC3's pipleline, Iray integration, and level of detail.

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