ZBrush announces dates for annual summit

Feb 12, 2018 at 07:53 pm by SchelleFire

Pixologic will take over Hollywood's prestigious Gnomon School facilities duringZBrush Summit 2018, set for Sept. 28-30.

The annual Summit is the year's biggest event for ZBrush community. The three-day event will be streamed live around the world as a way for digital artists to connect, not only with the Pixologic team but also with luminaries from all segments of the industry.

The days are packed with talented artists presenting a variety of ZBrush techniques used in real-world productions. Many of the demonstrations feature assets previously unseen outside of the studios.

Thanks to the combination of streaming technology and social media, viewers are able to become participants, interacting with each other no matter where they are located and even having their questions answered by the presenters.

This year the LIVE Sculpt-Off (online only) will take place the Thursday, Sept. 27 leading into three days of presentations.

Visit www.ZBrushSummit.com to get all the info, register to attend and sign up for news updates!