Poser introduces new and improved Paul & Pauline

Feb 20, 2018 at 12:02 pm by SchelleFire

Back in the fall, Smith Micro announced an update to its seminal 3D computer graphic software was available for download.

Along with upgrades to keyframes and 3D animation paths, Poser 11.1 also included improvements the face of Poser when Paul and Pauline got upgraded to version 2.0.

The Paul 2 and Pauline 2 updates include new photorealistic textures and variations for both the male and female figures, allowing artists to incorporate different ethnicities into their scenes, as well as a few bug fixes from the first version, said Rafael Torres, Smith Micro's graphics product manager.

"Paul 2 and Pauline 2 are a natural evolution from Paul and Pauline making them more up-to-date and interesting with high-resolution ethnic variations and corrections to some identified problems," Torres said.

The ethnic variations include face morphs that transform the base figure to Asian, African and European descent and high-resolution materials and skin textures that allow for detailed scenes and renders, he said.

"I like that Smith Micro provided the entire basic figures free, with no extra costs, ready to be customized as we please. They are versatile, with photorealistic skins of any ethnicity and easy to work with," said Lory, who sells photorealistic skin textures under the name Tempesta3D on Renderosity.com.

In addition to Paul and Pauline, the new version of Poser brings a set of enhancements and tools for creating even greater 3D animations and moving objects within a 3D world, Torres said. The enhancements allow animators to build scenes with moving objects that follow paths and can be combined with keyframe animation.

"This release demonstrates the strong position of Poser in the market, and promises even more improvements for upcoming releases," Torres said.

The latest iteration of Poser continued a long history with the genre-defining software.

It was first developed in 1995 as a replacement for artist mannequins.

Over the versions, features like props and animation have been added to turn the program into the industry standard for the 3D modeling of human figures.

Along the way, Poser developed its own figures along with a significant industry following. Paul and Pauline 2 were the last such figures produced for the modeling software.

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