Epic Games announces Unreal Fest Europe

Jan 30, 2018 at 02:02 pm by Warlord720

Epic Games has invited all European Unreal Engine developers to save the date, April 24-27, as details of Unreal Fest Europe - a major developer-focussed event for European UE4 developers - will be announced shortly.

"Over the past two years there has been a rapid growth of developers using Unreal Engine 4," said Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager, Epic Games. "Major studios create stunning games using Unreal, but increasingly smaller teams and individuals have joined the fold. The time is right to launch a comprehensive event that enables professional European UE4 developers to gather, learn and share."

Those interested in learning more can follow @UnrealEngine on Twitter and check back here on UnrealEngine.com as details are delivered over the next two weeks.

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