New Kickstarter project brings joysticks to your mouse

Jan 08, 2018 at 10:51 am by -gToon

Lexip's 3D mouse is a versatile mouse and assists users working in 3D environment games that include simulation and construction such as "Elite Dangerous," "Star Citizen" or "Minecraft."

Lexip is unique because it combines two joysticks, a mini thumb joystick and the joystick on the upper shell of the mouse for six degrees of freedom.

Lexip's glide is performed with an ADNS-9800 laser sensor and provides a two-dimensional glide with 8200 dots per inch (DPI) with a speed/acc: 150ips/30g. The mouse includes two accelerometers, one which is assembled with the top shell and the other on the bottom circuit board. The length of Lexip is 120 mm with a width of 72mm and is 43mm in height. Lexip weighs 150g.

The internal mechanical two-axis tilt on the upper shell gives gamers and designers a mouse that tilts +/- 30 degrees in all directions. The rotation plane is horizontal: left, right, forward, backward and intended to be used with the palm. The tilting shell is composed of a silent block linking Lexip's top and bottom shells, which allows the bottom shell to remain stationary. The accelerometers register 550 individual points over the +/- 30 degrees tilt and are capable of inputting over 300,000 different joystick position values.


The mini thumb joystick with two thumb buttons above it has the ability to send more than 90,000 angle values and perform complex sustained actions. Two degrees of freedom are accessible and offers the use of a traditional joystick but in a compact version. Instead of using a hand to perform an action, only a thumb is needed. With 30 degrees of tilt in four directions, it is easy to control the roll (z-axis), yaw (x-axis) and pitch.

Whether used for long periods of time or at rest, Lexip is designed to be as comfortable as possible for the hand to rest on. The hand grips are made of rubber for an easy grip and the left side of Lexip includes a space to rest the thumb.

For backers to the Kickstarter campaign, one of the rewards include customizable items. After the Kickstarter, consumers can purchase a set of rubber coverings in various sizes, shapes, and colors to adapt to any player's thumb size and grip comfort. The ceramic feet and side grip rubbers will be available in different weights and colors.

Lexip is customizable in its design and aesthetics to meet the personal needs of consumers. The LED backlight colors of the mouse can be changed and is easy to configure the wheel sensitivity, mouse sensitivity, joystick button, thumb button, wheel buttons, wheel scroll, and Lexip buttons with the configuration software. After the desired changes are made, the configurations are stored directly on Lexip's microcontroller which ensures a lag-less transmission of every single in-game action. The shielded cable that connects to the computer is USB braided.

Creator Lionel Chataignier says, "I've always been passionate about video games and played them growing up and sold video games in my hometown in France. My love and background of playing video games as a teenager inspired me to create a mouse with the aesthetics and functionalities that a gamer, professional or amateur, would appreciate".

For more information, visit the Lexip website.

Lexip will be available on Kickstarter for right handed and left handed users in late January. Early backers can pre-order Lexip for a 33% discount at $100. The future retail value will be $149. The campaign has a goal of $25,000. Shipping and delivery is estimated for June 2018.

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