Q Style spotlight: Behind the Scenes with the Operators

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Behind the scenes at The Operators creative studio, artists are experimenting with in-camera processes. In this technical breakdown, they reveal how a unique 'Premium Social' approach transformed production for Samsung's Q Style content.

The Operators are well known for their integrated approach to production, with an emphasis on multimedia formats and eclectic range of work - including everything from live-­action commercials to stop-­frame animation and post production / CGI.

Most recently, the team has released a behind the scenes peek at a series of videos that celebrate Samsung's QLED TV range, which break down the project's several unique approaches to image manipulation.

Scott Freeman, Co-Founder and Integrated Director at The Operators, comments: "Our love affair with BMB and Samsung continued over the summer with the production of a new series of social content celebrating the QLED TV range. We had a fun eclectic range of creative concepts to bring to life which gave us the opportunity to flex our creatives muscles across multiple production disciplines."

Samsung Q Style - Behind the Scenes from THE OPERATORS on Vimeo.

Shoot production took The Operators to both residential locations and film studios, where crew configured cameras, dressed the set and built custom props. Most of the creative visual techniques were shot in camera and later finessed in The Operators' digital studio. However, a few 3D CGI elements were created specifically for the series.

  • Spaghetti - Everyone hates wires - but the new QLED TV has just one tiny, almost invisible cable to replace all the usual hassle. Working on a brief from BMB agency, the goal was to imitate cables being slurped away into the TV screen like a spaghetti dinner. Setting up a simple, but effective green screen shoot, crew pulled cables sharply back behind a screen in live action. Then environment and TV screen content where then comped together in post, enabling The Operators to re-time various elements as necessary - a fast and flexible solution.
  • Piece of Cake - In shots that get playful with false perspective, a hand artist was filmed manipulating key placeholders for the Samsung Q TV screen, which then went through composite with actual products. By shooting this whole sequence in situ, the crew were able to re-create consistent lightening, seamlessly integrating all digital elements for consistency.
  • Fish Tank - Based on the concept that Samsung's screen clarity is so crisp and vibrant, real fish think they're being attacked by a shark. This spot relied heavily on CGI. The Operators built an entire digital aquarium, giving the crew greater control and flexibility over the fishes' movement. A great deal of focus went into the next stage - animating, rigging and creating the fishes. To match the comic timing of a 'fake' shark attack, the fish had to be as reactive as possible.

Each video was produced using a new "Premium Social" mindset, developed in response to the increasingly integrated mobile media world.

Ben Le Tourneau, Co-Founder and Integrated Director at The Operators, comments: "We always champion full end-to-end production. There is no point shooting half a story and leaving it to another team to fix. The integrated process is about optimising what can be done in-camera and post in the most efficient and creative ways."

"Premium Social" is a method of production invested in high-end, high-volume, highly customisable images and video developed specifically for social media. The approach involves a much more constricted budget than that of a standard TV campaign, but upholding typical broadcast production standards. To get more granular, it's content that catches the eye on social, using the format restrictions of each platform to its benefit - all while fulfilling today's need for a constant stream of engaging, personalised content.

About The Operators

Experts in providing high end visual content for agencies and brands for use across multiple platforms, The Operators portfolio ranges from everyday essentials to the damn right bonkers, working with brands such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Playstation, as well as agencies all over the world.

Combining broad skill-bases and a modern approach to all things production, The Operators maintain a uniquely integrated pipeline to bring their ideas to life. The team is led by Ben Le Tourneau and Scott Freeman - united by their passion for film, animation and photography, and their eclectic knowledge of all these mediums.

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