Don Hertzfeldt Releases 'World Of Tomorrow Episode Two' on Demand

Jan 03, 2018 at 01:10 pm by -gToon

When animator Don Hertzfeldt released the first episode of World of Tomorrow in 2015 the film captured practically every award an animated film could possibly win. Now, five years later he's got episode two out on Vimeo for rental (five bucks). If you haven't seen the original, drop everything and watch it now. It is one of the best animated short films of the decade.

These videos are "on demand" and cost $5 each to rent (worth every penny).

Episode 2 trailer


Official Selection: 2018 Sundance Film Festival


it turns out that writing a story around the unscripted audio of a four-year-old is pretty easy compared to writing around the unscripted audio of a five-year-old. where once i had short and expressive reactions that could be gracefully edited, suddenly i was facing down long, rambling monologues from a small crazy person. new audio with my niece was recorded in december 2014, just a month before "world of tomorrow" premiered, and i walked away with the new sessions feeling discouraged. i just couldn't make sense of it. everything she said that week was wonderful and filled me with a deep nostalgia of being that age again, seized with imaginary visions of faraway lands, the madness of childhood pulling in every direction, but i couldn't figure out how to make any of her wild dialogue fit with the stuff i actually thought i'd be writing about.

what developed over the next year and a half was the most rewritten, reverse-engineered, and experimental projects i've ever seen. my four-year-old improvisational actress slowly became a sort of five-year-old co-pilot. and when all the weird mismatched audio puzzle pieces finally found ways to fit i was astonished at the picture that formed. it's a story that could not have been written any other way. it's one of those movies that you finish making and then are surprised that it exists. mountains of love and gratitude to julia and winona for falling down this rabbit hole with me all over again - and to all of you for jumping in right after us.

outside of theaters, i've decided to release exclusively on vimeo again in order to make the film available to everyone at the same time. this is also the only site where 90% of your ticket price will go right into our new productions. there are no current plans for the film to turn up on netflix, hulu, itunes, etc (in fact, i'm afraid the first "world of tomorrow" is due to leave netflix in the spring). your support continues to funds every film, with no big distributors, studios, or publicists in the mix. i even do my own stunts. it's really just been you and me for all these years and i think that's pretty great.

==== Don Hertzfeldt is a two-time Academy Award nominee whose animated films include "It's Such a Beautiful Day", "World of Tomorrow", and "Rejected". His work has played around the world, receiving over 250 awards, and made a special guest appearance on "The Simpsons" in 2014. Eight of his films have screened in competition at the Sundance Film Festival, where he is the only filmmaker to have won the overall Grand Jury Prize for Short Film twice.

Indiewire called "World of Tomorrow" "one of the best films of 2015," while The Dissolve named it "one of the finest achievements in sci-fi in recent memory." The A.V. Club described the film as "visionary" and "possibly the best film of 2015." Rolling Stone ranked "World of Tomorrow" #10 on its list of the "Greatest Animated Movies Ever."