Lenovo to premier VR headset at IFA

Aug 28, 2017 at 11:02 am by SchelleFire

Lenovo confirmed its new version of the Windows 10 mixed reality headset will be called "The Lenovo Mirage," which was first reported in VRFocus from a trademark application filed by the tech company.

The Mirage will join headsets by Acer and HP in a growing marketplace through the Microsoft Store. Versions from Dell and ASUS are expected to appear beside them soon. The Lenovo version of the headset is currently expected to be launched some time in late 2017.

Like the other Windows 10 MR devices, the Mirage will act primarily as a virtual reality headset. It was confirmed by VR Focus as having front-facing stereo cameras so MR effects can be utilized.

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Analysts are expecting a retail price of around $300 (USD), which is in line with the HP and Acer devices, which are priced at $329 and $299 respectively.

The Lenovo Mirage trademark application was made earlier this month and is awaiting approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Lenovo announced it will use the opportunity created by the IFA consumer electronics event in Berlin to present its VR headsets to the masses.

The company has at least three headsets that it is working on, some of which may be launched just in time for Christmas this year. One of which is the Mirage; the other is a stand-alone VR device based on Google Daydream technology, which is designed to be a meeting point between expensive high-end PC VR and mobile VR.

One of Lenovo's VR devices has previously been featured as part of Disney's D23 event.

The headset was used along with a Bluetooth lightsaber peripheral to create an AR Star Wars experience which will overlay images on the real world. The same headset will allow users to play Holochess, the iconic game played by Chewbacca and R2D2 in "Star Wars IV: A New Hope."

The AR device is said to be smartphone-powered, though Lenovo have previously displayed a prototype of a standalone AR device referred to as the DaystAR. If this device is related to the Star Wards AR device is unknown at this stage, though some reports indicate that the DaystAR is intended for enterprise use.

Further details will be revealed by Lenovo at IFA 2017, which will be held on Aug. 31 in Berlin, Germany.

An exclusive video was also shown at the Disney event to fans as a sneak peek at the first-ever AR product featuring a lightsaber.

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