AppUpdates: Firefox makes VR native to the web

Aug 09, 2017 at 11:01 am by SchelleFire

Firefox makes VR native to the web

Firefox has added native VR in its latest release, Firefox 55, the company announced.

New features in the release include support for WebVR, making Firefox the first Windows desktop browser to support VR experiences.

In a post on Medium, Mozilla SVP Sean White said the release will "put virtual reality (VR) content on the web so anyone can interact with, build and enjoy it."

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Open-source Radeon ProRender

Radeon ProRender, a fast and accurate physically-based rendering engine, has released an opens source version for creative professionals and hobbyists to produce stunningly photorealistic images.

Along with the release of the open-source version of Radeon ProRender for developers, at SIGGRAPH 2017 AMD and MAXON have announced that that Radeon ProRender will be integrated into the upcoming R19 release of MAXON Cinema 4D.

Please note, the Radeon ProRender plug-ins and add-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender, and SOLIDWORKS (that are not open-source) have some features that are not currently available in the open-source Radeon ProRender package.

Read more or visit the ProRender site

Easy Treez for Maya released

Abhishek Karmakar has released a new modeling tool for those who have trouble with trees.

Easy Treez V1.0 is a directable canopy-volume based tree design tool for Autodesk Maya.

"Artists can create 'Custom Shape/volume based' Trees & bushes, and also Add complex 'Procedural Dynamics'.. with just a few clicks.. within a few seconds," according to a release announcement on Gumroad.

Karmakar said he plans to add more features to the tool in the future.

ActionFX announces new product release

In a recent blog post, ActionFX announced the coming release of 20 brand new Collections, which almost doubles its current library. These new collections include explosions, water FX, flamethrowers, dust and fire. The first products scheduled for release are explosions and water elements. They will be released in the fall.

ActionFX also has some great free stuff.

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