Unity Connect Beta Community is Now OPEN!

Nov 08, 2016 at 11:35 am by mhaase75

Last week, at the Unite LA keynote, we announced the Open Beta of Unity Connect. Before the end of the show, thousands of Unity creators representing the full spectrum of game development skill sets -- technical artists, programmers, level designers, VR specialists -- had already signed on and started building their presence in the community.

Now it's your turn! Whether you are a creator with great work to show off, looking for help with a project, or a recruiter with positions to fill, our community won't be complete until you are there!

The Unity Connect Portfolio PageUnity Connect portfolio page

Showcase your work and build your visibility.

Being part of this new community doesn't just benefit those who are looking for help. It also allows you to showcase your work and highlight your individual skills. You can build your visibility and reputation in the industry, engage with other creators, and even find creative inspiration. And, being present means you can be found by recruiters who are looking for Unity talent to fill their open positions -- over 250 companies, ranging from small shops to large companies like Zynga, have already joined Unity Connect and started posting jobs.

To join Unity Connect or to find out more info:


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