Reallusion Releases Free iClone 6.5 Update

Jul 14, 2016 at 09:03 pm by -gToon

The iClone 6.5 update is finally here, and this time it comes with a huge breakthrough that will satisfy the iCloner's urge for custom creation including quick 360-Video output. Now turning your project into a 360 panorama video in iClone is quick and easy, allowing you to immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality world where you can share and explore! Another new update is the Alembic export capability, an interchange point cache format used by visual effects and animation professionals, that allows you to bring sophisticated iClone animation detail to other game engines, or 3D tools. We also reintroduce the upgraded MixMove Generation II engine, the industry's only automatic motion blending technology that allows you to intuitively click-and-direct character animation and generate smooth motion sequences.

Other Updates:

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  • Viewport Resolution' for image and video exports which will preserve the visual integrity of DOF, AO, Toon shading, and Post Effect settings inside the 3D viewport.
  • 2 new display modes: 'Xray' mode for peering through layers of clothing; 'Wireframe on Shaded' displays mesh wireframe on top of the diffuse texture.
  • Set as Default' in Edit Motion Layer tool for character default pose assignment.
  • Sample thumbnail for quick save option under Preferences shaves off the time required to create a thumbnail during the save process.
  • The resolution of the view in Indigo is now completely identical to the one you see in iClone.
  • Get the actual frame numbers when rendering a sequence of images.

Complete system requirements are available here. iClone 6.5 is available for the Windows operating system.

The iClone 6.5 update is free for registered users. You can go to Reallusion's iClone 6 page to find out more and to download the update. If you want to know more about iClone 6 in general, check out these videos at the Reallusion Training Center

iClone 6.5 Mixmove Generation II Video

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