Amazon Storywriter is your new screenwriting coach

Oct 25, 2017 at 11:02 am by mhaase75

Whether you are just getting started writing screenplays or are a seasoned pro, Amazon Storywriter is a screenwriting app you should know about.

Not only is Amazon Storywriter an excellent resource for composing and correctly formatting screenplays, it is also a new way to connect with a production studio and have your screenplay evaluated and critiqued. Plus, if you've written something Amazon Studios is looking for, you can have your screenplay optioned for production, all from the comfort of your home.

An Excellent Screenwriting Resource

Amazon Screenwriter is, first and foremost, a place to compose a screenplay. Its ease of use and lack of a steep learning curve make the online app a great competitor for industry standard screenwriting software, Final Draft.

However, Screenwriter does not assume to replace Final Draft, as it does accommodate importing and exporting files between Final Draft as well as PDF and Fountain formats.

Of course, if you wish to compose your masterpiece within Screenwriter, Amazon has given you an excellent place for doing so. Composition within the app does a great job of auto-formatting your work into the sometimes difficult-to-grasp screenplay format, which is a relief, as screenplays are regularly rejected simply because of poor formatting.

Although Screenwriter is an excellent and simple place to compose a screenplay, the app really only flexes its muscles after the screenplay is finished.

Enjoy Critique From A Community

Once you have a screenplay up and ready, one of the options Screenwriter gives you is the chance to have others read and critique it.

The community is large and the feedback is often quite useful. As all readers are signed in with an account, your work will not be viewed by any anonymous idea-pinching individuals. Plus, saving your work on Screenwriter and clicking the button to expose it to the public serves as a copyright protection, sparing you from the worry of your ideas being stolen. In my experience, the feedback from readers has been both respectful and professional.

Get Your Work Reviewed By Amazon Studios

Once you feel ready, submitting your work for consideration to be optioned for development by Amazon Studios is only a few clicks away.

The submission process is quite simple and efficient, and making your work public for review is not a necessary prerequisite. If you'd like, you can use screenwriter to either compose or import your screenplay and then you can quickly and easily submit it to Amazon Studios directly.

And if direct access to a production studio weren't already great, their response time is incredible. You can hear back about whether or not your project is being considered within a matter of days.

This is one of the greatest draws for using the app, as even getting rejected by a studio can take months, and the rejection is typically assumed when you hear nothing back. But with Storywriter, you get a nice email stating that they are not interested in your work at this time, but feel free to rework it and resubmit it if you wish.

I should know, as I've enjoyed a few rejections myself. But receiving an actual response from a production studio is incredible, even if the answer is a no.

Work On Your Screenplay Anywhere

The app is available as a free download, making it quite portable and useful wherever you feel ideas hit you. The app is available for both iOS and Android, and in both formats, once you're back online, synching is simple and efficient.

With its multi-device capability, auto-formatting that is user-friendly, secure sharing with a community of peers, and the ability to submit directly for consideration for production, I find Amazon Storywriter to be a game-changer in the world of screenwriting.

Sure, Amazon is not the leader in television and film production at the moment, but opening up their source material to the general public with such an easy-to-use app, Screenwriter is a potential game-changer that could make Amazon a competitor with Netflix.

Do you have the idea that will make it happen? There's only one way to find out.

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