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Apr 11, 2016 at 02:38 pm by nemirc

Adobe Fuse CC is the newest addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. If Fuse sounds familiar, you know Adobe acquired Mixamo last year, and now Fuse and the entire Mixamo services are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. This means you can use your Adobe CC account (even the free account) to use the Mixamo services.

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The software works similar to programs like Poser or Daz Studio. However, the way you build your characters is different. Characters in Adobe Fuse are built like you were working with building blocks: you start adding body parts to your character until it's complete. You can then add clothing and accessories, and then add and modify the character texture.

The workflow used to modify the character is pretty much the same one as Poser or Daz Studio, as you have sliders that modify the different parts. However, Fuse features a more "hands-on" approach as you can also modify the body parts by hovering the mouse over the different parts and then moving it around while you hold down the mouse button.

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Models in Adobe Fuse CC have an average resolution. They are not low resolution, so they can't be used in games right off the bat, but they are not as high resolution as Victoria 7. However, unlike the models from Poser or Daz Studio, models in Adobe Fuse CC usually have a cleaner topology, so it is easier to manually clean up the geometry. I am aware you can use automatic polygon reducing tools, but sometimes a DIY approach works better.

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If you have an Adobe CC account (and if you're using Fuse CC, you already have one), you can link your existing Mixamo account to it, or create a new Mixamo account that is automatically linked to it. That is important for the following reason: Models exported from Fuse CC can be used in any 3d application. An interesting note is that you can also export your model to your Adobe CC account. When you upload your model to your Adobe CC account, it gets added to your Mixamo account, since they are "one and the same." When you upload your model to it, it is automatically rigged by Mixamo's automatic rigging tool, and then added to your models list. You can then download your model and use it for animations.

The automatically-rigged model is also compatible with the extensive library of animations available in their website (I will cover the Mixamo online tools with greater detail in a future article, with a focus on game development, of course), which is extremely useful and can save you a lot of work.

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A very important detail I hadn't mentioned before is that all of the models created in Adobe Fuse CC can be used for your own projects (including videogames), and you don't need to buy an additional license or any kind of special rights for that. This is a really good deal, considering you need to purchase special licenses in case you want to use your Daz characters in any videogame.

Right now, Adobe Fuse CC is free to use to anyone with an Adobe CC membership (be it a free or paid membership), so you can easily try it out for yourself and see if it fits your needs. On top of that, using Fuse CC in conjunction with the rest of the Mixamo online tools can be an extremely good option to save some time.


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