Your Idea Starts Here: 77 Mind-Expanding Ways to Unleash Your Creativity by Carolyn Eckert

Feb 25, 2017 at 02:00 pm by -gToon

Title: Your Idea Starts Here: 77 Mind-Expanding Ways to Unleash Your Creativity
Author: Carolyn Eckert
Product details: Hardback, 240 pages with many illustrations and drawings
Size: 7 x 5
Price (new): $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-61212-779-8
Publisher: Storey Publishing,

Publisher's Introduction:
With change happening faster and faster in our tech-ruled world, being able to think creatively, flexibly, and quickly is more important than ever. In Your Idea Starts Here, graphic designer Carolyn Eckert offers 77 specific questions, techniques, and exercises -- cleverly combined with fascinating infographics and other visuals -- to jump-start creative thinking.

Don't know what you want your project to be? Make a list of things you don't want it to be. Wondering where to start? Say one word that relates to your idea and invite a friend to say another word that relates to yours. See where five or ten rounds take you. Work within a time limit, look in unexpected places, think tiny, do the opposite, shuffle your papers, and explore your creativity to the fullest! There's something here to inspire and strengthen every smart idea, all in an innovative little book that makes a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself.

I generally don't read the "how to increase your creativity" type books as I think they often lead to cliche and stereotype, plus they are usually badly written and jingoistic. After all, isn't being creative about being unique and different? How can you come up with general rules for being unique? However, I was intrigued by Carolyn Eckert's Your Idea Starts Here initially because the book is so well designed. It exudes creativity in graphic design. I figured that if the design of the book was creative, then perhaps the content would be as well.

Boy, was I right. Your Idea Starts Here is one of the most interesting books on creativity I've read in a long time. It's clearly written with just the right amount of humor. It's also a very practical book that helps you make that little "shift" in perspective that is so often the beginning of creative work. By being creative in it's content and design, the book inspires creativity in the user. It walks the walk, so to speak.

Your Idea Starts Here isn't a program or a formula for creativity, rather it gives you a starting point to explore your own ideas and imagination. There 77 ways Carolyn Eckert proposes are a lot of fun, too. Take for example Number 40: Rearrange and Restructure. Here is the idea in full:

Maybe you have everything in the wrong order. What if you put the last thing first? Move the middle to the end? Whatever you do, don't start at the beginning.

The author uses the example of the plot of the movie Pulp Fiction where the director Tarantino uses a circular plot structure with the beginning of the film is actually the end, the middle is the beginning and the end picks up at the beginning again. This structure of suggesting a perspective or project and then sharing how other artists have used the idea is how the book is laid out. And, of course, there are beautiful illustrations and graphics.

The book is the perfect size for your pocket or bedside table. Dip into a lesson a day (or week) and explore it fully. Your Idea Starts Here is a great way to get your imagination going and get your ideas translated into real world results.

Your Idea Starts Here is available directly from quality bookstores like Powell's and online retailers like Indie Bound both online and in the real world.

PS Storey Publishing creates awesome books that are as beautiful as they are practical with subjects ranging from crafts to kids and well-being.