Through the Looking Glass by 2121

Sep 15, 2015 at 01:40 pm by -gToon

Through the Looking Glass by 2121

Renderosity artist, 2121, used Adobe Photoshop to create this remarkable scifi portrait.

Through the Looking Glass is such a beautifully constructed image. The strange computer-like interface along with several strange symbols give a weird quality to the image. I say scifi, but it could be something else. The layering of blood-red rings create a sense of violence or physical pain, but there's no expression of pain on the figure. The woman looks expectant as if she's excited about what it is she sees. No question the title of the piece is a perfect analogy to Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

Color is also so well done. The lightest section is at the center with rings of darker colors surrounding it. All focusing in on the woman's eye. Through the Looking Glass is all about seeing; both the viewer is looking and the woman is looking right back. As if she's trying to see us from the other side, but there is something in between.

In Through the Looking Glass, like many of the images in 2121's Renderosity gallery, we have a mystery. Who is this woman? What is she trying to see? How can we communicate with her? Great art creates mystery and desire in the viewer to know more. 2121 is a master at creating the mood of mystery and even better with shaping the image around an intriguing central character.

I urge you to visit 2121's gallery and view more of this skilled artist's work.

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