before rain by Valentin

Oct 03, 2017 at 09:02 am by -gToon


before rain by Valentin

Valentin's gallery at Renderosity is simply amazing. Photography has a large following at the site, but not everyone has the skill and poetic eye that Valentin does. Take before rain, my favorite of his images. In this incredible shot, Valentin manages to create a visual poem. The contrast of the darkening sky and the brightly colored field of flowers is perfect. I also love the framing of the shot which tightens the image making it feel a bit closed in.

Valentin focuses on the beauty and ominousness of nature in his work. Some of his photos create moods that are often dark and mysterious. Other photos are full of life and energy. It's a tribute to his imagination and vision that he sees these scenes and photographs them so perfectly.

Be sure to visit this outstanding photographers gallery at Renderosity. His still life photos in particular look like an old masters painting. Gorgeous.