Renderosity Wordsmith Contest 2nd Place: An Ode to Poser

Sep 20, 2017 at 02:15 pm by -gToon

Renderosity recently announced the winner's in its Wordsmith Contest. The second place winner was MoNeart with "Poser," an alliterative ode to the 3D modeling software.

The winner was Goldenthrush with a sci-fi tale called "The Skyling Queen" and third place was awarded to Rokket for "The Zone."

View MoNeart's gallery here.

To continue the success of the Wordsmith's contest, Renderosity added a writing category to its annual Halloween contest, Generation Horror Wars. Create a written piece about the theme -- choose two or more generations of horror and have them battle it out, Universal Monsters vs. Modern day Slashers, Freddie and Jason team up against Saw, the possibilities are endless. The winners will be published in Renderosity Magazine.

Poser, Poser burning bright, how might imagination render with light?†

Possibilities, yet dreamed.

Pending purchases of polygons possessing, pulling, persisting via previews presented both Prime and perennial, providing perpetual potential for posed people, personas playing, polymorphic pretty's in peril, punks perishing, pugilists punching, pretend and period places and pieces with parameters precisely positioned.

Picture the perpendicular photometrically painted primitives in parallel perspective - presenting primary colors pitched precariously. Powerful Photoshop processing Pentiums parsing post production pixel pipelines perfecting pictures posted prominently, pleasing people perusing and posting periodic pages published prominently.

Perhaps the potential participants, precocious paragons of privileged peerage patronizing private procurement via PayPal payment, participate primarily for the persistent penultimate pleasure of professional endeavor - Poser Pro.