Hot Jupiter's eclypse by Freakangel56

Aug 29, 2017 at 10:02 am by -gToon

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Hot Jupiter's eclypse by Freakangel56

What impresses me the most about Freekangel56's work is his use of color and his ability to create mood. Hot Jupiter's Eclipse is a great example of how his detailed work draws you in so that you feel the scene rather than thinking about how it was made. All good art does this and Freakangel56 has a gallery filled with moody, colorful and sometimes funny scenes.

His work with fractals is amazing as well. Works like Rainbowebius 3 are simply beautiful. Occasionally, the artist combines digital space scenes with fractal art to create an interesting hybrid scene like in his wonderful Rainbow Lightship. Freakangel56's version of space and alien worlds are much brighter and more colorful than traditional representations. Not quite psychedelic, but with a color palette that ranges from a light mist to bold primary colors, Freakangel56 is a favorite at Renderosity magazine. We hope to bring you an interview with this creative and talented artist in the near future.

Be sure to visit Freakangel56's gallery at where I know you will enjoy this artist's wild and beautiful imagery.

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