Raven Queen by adrie

Aug 22, 2017 at 09:02 am by -gToon

Raven Queen by adrie

I'm always excited to search through the galleries at Renderosity.com and discover an artist with talent and imagination. Such an artist is adrie. Although she describes herself as an "hobbyist", I'd like to say that she does better work than some professionals I've meet. I think, perhaps, what she means by this is that she creates things that interest her rather than working within the limitations of a client or studio.

Here's her brief bio at Renderosity.com:

Hello I am Adrie.I am a hobbyist and i love to make fantasy images, I work with poser9 and with adobe photoshop cs6. I start to create fantasy images in 2006 and i still learning to work with photoshop.I am 60 years young LOL.I live in a beautiful little place called Elst, in the Netherlands nearby the big city Utrecht.Renderosity is a wonderful artist comunitie....and i am proud to be one of the many wonderful artist here. Greetings and hugs from Adrie.

What I like about Raven Queen is that adrie captures that perfect sense of haughtiness and latent power in her otherworldly queen. The composition is beautiful as is the color pallete. What could have been simply a dark, horror scene is enlivened by her use of deep blues and white/gray highlights. The directness of the queen's gaze almost puts the viewer in the scene. It's a beautiful, poetic image that I like very much.

Raven Queen is just one of the wonderful images in adrie's gallery. Please take a moment to look through her subtle and moody creations.